Best SNL era...?

OK, we all know that SNL sucks now.
We all know that it was great at first.
What we don’t all know is what was good in between.
Personally, I love the Mike Myers/Dana Carvey/Kevin Nealon/David Spade/Rob Schnider (the Robbinator!).
Anything else?

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I don’t think SNL has really changed all too much in its 25 or so years on TV; myriad flat, routine or recurring sketches with one or two gems tucked somewhere within. In my experience, I’ve found most people enjoy the SNL cast from their high school years to early college years, probably the most. I also don’t think the much ballyhooed first season was that great or that much better than any other season in its history.

What Chief Crunch said.

And one of the most un-funny recurring things from the early years was the Greek Restaurant.

Just a space filler.

I haven’t watched it regularly since Phil Hartman left. Here’s my list with that in mind:

In order[list=1][li]Phil Hartman era[/li][li]Original Cast era[/li][li]Eddie Murphy/Billy Crystal era[/li][li]Anthony Michael Hall era[/li]Charles Rocket era[/list=1]

I started watching around '86 or '87, and quit about '93, so to me those are the best years. When I was young and used to watch it with my brothers, I thought it was stupid and gross.

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