Best Snow Day Movie?

NYC is currently being bombarded by a heavy snowstorm and my office is panicking a bit and closing early today. I plan to spend a blissful afternoon drinking hot chocolate and watching DVDs.

What’s your idea of a great Snow Day movie?

Depending on how I feel after I battle the elements and the public transportation system I’ll watch either Misery or March of the Penguins.

How about this?


Big Trouble in Little China
Demolition Man

Gots to have some B movie goodness on a cold snowy day.



Doctor Zhivago

Lawrence of Arabia. The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Big Lebowski. The Last Waltz. The Indiana Jones movies. The Perfect Storm. Wind. By the Sword. Any of the Pink Panther movies.

I actually already own both these movies. I am a firm believer in B movie goodness.

Snow Day.

How about the obvious? “The day After Tomorrow”

My thought is the last thing I want to see after I’ve busted my back shoveling snow, is* more snow*. In that spirit, I’d like to watch the sarong-clad islanders of The Hurricane (1937), the desert island hijinks of Swiss Family Robinson (1960), and the globe-trotting surfers of Endless Summer (1966).

The Empire Strikes Back…at least, the first half of it, on Hoth.

The Shining. I watch it every year when I get snowed in.

Here’s the trailer for Atanarjuat, which is an outstanding film in its own right, but there’s also an impressive sense of the cold of the Artic. NSFW because of long shots of a naked man fleeing across the ice floes - I remember an interview with the Director of Photography who said that at least twice, his eyelids froze to the eyepiece of the camera. He said he was really freaked out by being in an environment that cold, then he’d look over to where the actor who plays Atanarjuat would be sitting naked in the snow, waiting for his next shot of running at top speed across the ice - it put everything into perspective…

Storm of the Century. Also by Steven King and great to watch when snowed in. It’s very long (240 minutes) so you will expend a good part of the day. Very thought provoking, chilling, mysterious, and disturbing. Be sure to leave time for discussion after viewing.

Groundhog Day!

If you didn’t already watch it last week Groundhog Day. What’s better than seeing someone get trapped by a snowstorm over and over?

EDIT: And that’s what I get for not refreshing

The original Airport, takes place in a blizzard.

The Thing (Carpenter), Big Trouble in 'Lil China
Godfather series.
Band of Brothers series
The Prisoner (McGoohan) series

For intermissions, fire up the PS2 and head down Vice City way, and scorn some motherfuckers with a golf-club, just to take the edge off.

Godzilla flicks via MST3K FTW!