Best Soda/Pop That Isn't Made Anymore

Does anybody remember “Aspen?” I used to LOVE Aspen. It was a crisp, clear, apple-flavored soda. I even remember Wendy’s Hamburgers carrying it along with their regular fountain drinks.

Alas, Aspen is no longer. Oh, the memories of my childhood.

So, what do you consider to be the bestest soda or pop that’s no longer on the market?

Faygo Redpop. Yes, I know it was water, CO2, sugar, and a ton of dye, but it’s gone for good.

There was something I called “Cherry Coke” my Grandmother bought for me.
It was a local product, because it had an outline of Arkansas on the bottle.
It was red.

Perhaps is was Faygo bottled under license. :slight_smile:

Double Cola. It was a southern cola that went away. I believe it was bottled in Chattanooga. It had tons and tons of caffiene.

Faygo Red Pop available from Galco’sSoda Pop Stop

They still make it! All the stores around here have it.

I miss peach Nehi, and all the Nehi flavors. I’d bet they have them somewhere, but not near me.

Also, there was a delicious grapefruit soda called Ting that I had when I visited Jamaica. I’d love to get ahold of some of that.

Anything from the Pop Shoppe . I remember that the Black Berry was very fine.

Birch Beer. I’m sure it’s still made somewhere, but I can’t find it around here.

Nehi’s are available in Northwest Tennessee. I love the peach, also.

I feel like an idoiot :smack: I put an apostrophe in my last post. sorry.

I miss Crystal Pepsi with every fiber of my being. :ducks and runs:

Ohh… The Pop Shoppe. I loved the Black Cherry and the Strawberry.

The soda I miss may still be made, I just don’t have access to it. When I was in Norway many many years ago there was this orange soda, can’t remember the name. It wasn’t like the regular orange soda, but like Sunkist Mandarin. Almost, but not quite.

I also remember buying Big Red in glass bottles from the old Coke-Cola machine. That stuff was sugar heaven!

I know they still make it, but anyone else like Ale-81? (pronounced A Late One). it tastes like really really weak ginger ale, and it’s so great!!! They only sell it in Kentucky, I guess, so I’m SOL. :frowning:

New York Seltzer, oh how I mourn you. :frowning:

Oh man, I used to live on New York Seltzer. I wish someone would bring it back.

One I haven’t seen in far too long.

Tropical Punch

Wink. It was a grapefruit soda that was so good!

Polar makes a birch beer. It’s in all the groceries near me.

Frosty root beer has that real mug taste…delicious! I think it was either distributed by Pepsi and/or a local brand Suburban Club soda…in Charm City!

Why do some people take seltzer and mix in a flavor? Is that economical, or something? And, does anyone drink seltzer straight? (Yuk!) - Jinx