Best software for making flow charts?

I’ve used the forms that come with Microsoft Word, but they’re kind of clunky. Ideally I’d like to find a free web-based program (since I can’t install anything on my work computer) but those things are negotiable if I find something really good. Thanks! ?

Nice timing, I just spent Friday and Saturday learning for work. I’ve never worked with flowchart software before, but I have some experience with older publications layout software, and that helped me a little to figure out how it worked. You can start with a premade template, or start from a blank page. I started from scratch.

Being web-based, I was able to access from home and work, which let me leave work Friday night and pick up from home Saturday afternoon. You can have it save to your Google drive or Dropbox if you give it access. My flowchart was a collaborative effort, so I saved as XML and exported as JPG from home, solicited co-workers’ feedback via email on the JPG, and then used the XML to reload into at work and implemented their feedback.

If I had any issues with it, it’s in how it saves your save files. When you create and save a file, and then work some more and save again, your recent save does not overwrite your original one. Each save is a separate file. So you can end up with a huge number of save files either on your desktop or in your browser’s download folder. Not the worst problem in the world, but you do have to do some cleaning up after it.

Wow. I never heard of this. Very cool. There’s a QuickStart video, too.

I still have an IBM plastic flowchart template in my junk drawer…