Need a Recommendation for Flow Charting Software, Fast!

Here’s the deal: I can do flowcharts on paper, but the current project’s too complicated to make that practical. As of now, I’m planning on laying out a couple of hundred bucks (USD) for Visio tonight, whether my employer will reimburse me or not. It’s good; I’ve used it before; and there’s no learning curve for me. On the other hand, it’s also got a lot more than I need and I figure someone around here may know something better. If you do, please let me know. I don’t want a download; I want something I can go to an office supply store or computer store, buy tonight, and load on my computer at home, at work, or wherever I need to be. I’m tired of depending on employers for flow-charting software.

Any ideas?

I came in to recommend Visio, but I guess you have that covered! There is such a good range of images there, it seems very flexible and should be useful across the board. IOW, the money you may have to spend could pay off in other uses you aren’t anticipating right now (floor plans, org charts…).

Well, Visio.

However, if you need something right now, a combination of PowerPoint’s Autoshape Flowchart items and Connectors is serviceable. It’s what I used yesterday when I needed a flowchart ASAP and didn’t have Visio.

If Windows, then Visio.

If Mac, then OmniGraffle

If Linux, you’re SOL. Dia and KChart don’t hold a candle to the two above.

I like OmniGraffle best of all, so I tend to do all of my charting on a Mac.

Thanks, folks. I bought a copy Visio last night. I’ve also improvised with the drawing tools in Word and PowerPoint and found them serviceable enough, but the logic was giving me enough headaches without coping with that. I’ve always had a high opinion of Visio; it’s nice to know it’s shared.

There is a discussion here on open-source alternatives/equivalents (a mixture of Linux and Windows solutions)

I fell in love with it when I was doing a diagram about data reporting that included an umbrella, and Visio had an umbrella image! Can’t wait to see what else I might get to play with in the future. Charting a business process felt like fun and I couldn’t believe they were paying me for it. :slight_smile: