Best song off of Guns N' Roses' Use Your Illusion I?

What has come before: Appetite for Destruction, GN’R Lies

As ever, only one choice is permitted.

So, start yer voting.

I had it down to “Double Talkin’ Jive,” “You Ain’t the First,” and “Don’t Damn Me.”

“Don’t Damn Me” won. It’s has all the elements of what made G’n’R great.

There are a lot of great songs on here, Bad Obsession and Dead Horse are among my favorite songs, but come on. November Rain is the best GnR song of all time. OF ALL TIME. I can’t even fathom voting for anything else.

November Rain, of course. Nothing else on this album comes close. I’d place Don’t Damn Me second, and Live and Let Die, although it’s a cover, third.

Definitely the inferior UYI album. II was so much stronger that I hardly listened to this one.

I voted “November Rain,” but “Dead Horse” is my very, very close second.

November Rain followed closely by Don’t Cry. I remember admitting to my punk friends that I liked these two records. By the looks they gave me you’d think I told them I was into beastiality and addicted to crack. Whatever. A great album is a great album.

November Rain made me want to learn to play piano. No joke. It’s also the song I instinctively play when trying out a new one.

The guitar riff in the end portion of November Rain is one of the definitive riffs of an era.

Interesting. I’ve always (we’re talking since the day they were first released) found I to be the more interesting, stronger album. Oh, hell yes. I just perused the track listing of II, and there’s, well, an awful lot of filler on that thing.

I agree and I also cannot stand November Rain. It just comes off as so contrived. I know, I know, as if Axl’s posturing and sense of self-importance aren’t in full evidence on many of their other songs.


Plus, UYI II has Locomotive on it. LOCOMOTIVE!


So I’ll vote Don’t Cry.

Absolutely. “Locomotive” is the best song on either album. Possibly the best song they ever had.

Coma, followed by November Rain and Dead Horse.

Gratified to see “Coma” getting well deserved praise. It’s my second favorite song on the album, just a hair’s breadth behind “Dead Horse”, followed very closely by “Don’t Cry”.

I have this on cassette from back in high school. I didn’t realize there were songs besides “November Rain” on it.