Best Songs Written by Multiple Female Songwriters

I just stumbled across the factoid that the singer-songwriter Jackie DeShannon co-wrote a song with a songwriter named Sharon Sheeley called “Dum Dum,” which Brenda Lee made into a Top 10 hit in 1961. It occurred to me that it’s pretty rare for two or more female songwriters to team up to write a hit song (with no male songwriters involved). Or is it? I’m trying to think of other examples.

The song “Vacation” by the Go-Go’s is the best one I can think of. It was written by the group members.

I thought of the Indigo Girls, but apparently they don’t write together, just individually.

I guess some of the Riot Grrrl groups of the 1990s would be likely suspects, but what universally well-known song has come out of that crowd?

Carole King and Toni Stern were a songwriting partnership, including Where you Lead and It’s Too Late and more later.

Carol Bayer Sager and Toni Wine wrote “A Groovy Kind of Love”

BTW: Sharon Sheeley was Eddie Cochrans fiancee, and was in the car crash in England that killed him.

Magic Man, Dreamboat Annie, and Crazy on You (didn’t check the rest of Heart’s catalog) are credited to Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Kate & Anna McGarrigle performed together until Kate’s death in 2010. They wrote separately & sometimes, I think, together. Their sister Jane also wrote.

Oh, look. Mountain City Girls may explain who wrote what. And when they wrote together…

First thought, along with Carole King being Carole King, super collaborator.

Another person is Linda Perry, originally of Four Non-Blondes and now a superproducer for folks like Pink and Christina Aguilera. I am not going to Google because I am sure there are plenty of co-writers, but I know Perry digs in and works hard with the individual artists.

The Roches wrote together in various combinations, with songs like “We,” their concert opener.

Suzzy Roche has also written songs with her daughter Lucy Wainwright Roche.

I just read Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, by Carrie Brownstein, and ISTR there is some solo and group songwriting amongst those members.

ETA: Um, of Sleater-Kinney

Oh, forgot about them. The one time I saw them live they opened with Big Nuthin’, although they seemed to have gone back to We by the time of this performance.

I’ve actually seen Toni Wine perform that song in person, thanks for reminding me of it.

There’s also the twin sisters of Tegan and Sara, who have written loads of songs together. In recent years they’ve utilized outside collaborators on some songs, but they’re undeniably good writers on their own.

Cool. She was the voice that sang “I’m gonna make your life so sweet”, in “Sugar Sugar” but you probably knew that.

The Indigo Girls wrote most of their own songs in a Lennon-McCartney type arrangement.