Best sports cameos, move & TV?

Sports Illustrated did a little one page thing on this this week, but not a survey.

What’s your favorite sports star cameo in TV and/or Movies?

I think the first one that comes to mind for me is the Joe Namath Brady Bunch episode.

Then, I’ve always liked the story line in Ace Ventura with Dan Marino and the kicker stalking him. Very funny.

Got any other memorable ones?

Was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s role in Airplane too big to be a cameo? If not, I nominate that. Best regards.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Airplane! as Roger Murdock.

Too big to be called a cameo, but Alex Karras as Mongo in Blazing Saddles was what came to mind when I read this title.

Right after Kareem in Airplane!, I would rank Brett Favre in “There’s Something about Mary”:

What about the rather ominous cameo of O.J. Simpson in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure?

Charles Barkley in every episode of Clerks: Ther Animated Series.

“Yo, I thought I told you to get out of here, Barkley!”

The episodes of Cheers with Kevin McHale were really quite good. Wade Boggs had a decent cameo on there as well.

Have we forgotten Reggie Jackson in Naked Gun?

Terry Bradshaw as the barroom toughman in Hooper.

Speaking of Kareem, did he do much except spar in Bruce Lee’s Game of Death?

Kareem (again) in Forget Paris

Keith Hernandez on Seinfeld

Deacon Jones on The Odd Couple

Yogi Berra on SNL --The “Negro League Reminiscence” sketch

There’s a Tracy-Hepburn movie… Woman of the Year? that features cameos by some very prominent Yankee players of the day that tickled my funnybone…

Lance Armstrong’s cameo in Dodgeball has me absolutely rolling. The unintentional verbal beat-down he gives La Fleur is priceless.