best state to recieve welfare benefits for individual

Graduating with a philosophy degree in the fall. Hoping someone here has already looking into this info and can pass it along. What’s the best state for welfare and how soon could i receive it after moving there for an individual with no kids?

Maybe you should consider the best state to find a job in your field? Or is welfare the next logical step after graduating with a philosophy degree?

There are **no **federal benefits available for adults without children, not after the welfare reforms passed during the Clinton administration.

Most states have work programs (and of course there are federal programs to provide benefits to people with disabilities, or short-term unemployment for people who have lost jobs). Many of these programs have been cut during the recession, and I’m guessing that one of the ways they’ve been cut is to impose a residency requirement.

Unless you’re adverse to work for some reason, I suggest you seek job counseling for a better answer about where to relocate. Certainly your school offers that service. If you have no job-skills despite your degree, many states offer job training programs to help get you into the workforce.

And even if you are adverse to work, there are still some jobs that might suit you well. :slight_smile:

Places like Home Depot often have jobs. Even in this economy. You’d probably even get benefits.

It is quite possible to go homeless in the U.S. even with new college degree in hand if you don’t line up family support or a paying job of some sort for after you graduate. It is a time-honored traditionally these days so you better be nice to your parents because they could become your new best roommates. Most states won’t give able-bodied single males any money for nothing. You have to have held a job in the first place to get unemployment and let go without cause.

I just read some of your alternate plans in other threads and your planning (or lack thereof) is unintentionally hilarious.

Taking state to mean nation state:

Even here in New Zealand, with a very liberal benefit system you need at least two years residency to receive an unemployment benefit Here are the requirements. Oh and you also need to be a permanent resident as well (which you won’t get if you just turn up without a job).

Have considered joining the military after you graduate? At first glance, that would seem like a terrible fit for a new Philosophy grad whose other choices are a Master’s program in a warm climate but you never know. I have known several success stories about that and most people in the military do not get shot at or have to shoot anyone. My dear first-cousin, bless her heart, is as smart as a whip but hippy-trippy as they come but caught up in basically the same situation as you. She is thinking about joining the Coast Guard and specializing in rescue work. I am not kidding about that option. The military is one government entity that can help you if you need time, money, and direction. There are lots of different types of jobs available. I may be biased though because I just watched the movie Stripes again last night.

Is this is a philosophical question?

He Kant answer that.

Your confidence and foresight are astounding. Also, your willingness to relocate based on the best place to be on the dole. I’d wish you the best of luck, but it sounds like you’ve got everything under control!

As long as he doesn’t put the horse before Decartes.

Every war movie or other story, right down to Beetle Bailey, has one “brainy” soldier in the company. Of course, he often gets shot and killed, but at least his last words can be a quotation from some great thinker.

Interestingly, the OP after hearing that there aren’t a lot of welfare opportunities for single college graduates with no work experience, posted this threadover in IMHO, seeking employment advice for someone with his type of degree. I would have hoped that the order of these threads would have been reversed.

Too bad that the OP is (apparently) male. If he were female, he could pull off an Octomom type of stunt and totally be living that cushy welfare queen life.

Why not change your gender? Heck, you might even find some kind of medical benefit to assist with the conversion.

I suggest the US Army. Tell them Morgenstern sent you and you’ll get breakfast in bed with extra bacon strips.


There is one state that pays benefits to able bodied single men: Alaska! They pay you a little over a grand a year just to live there! You don’t even have to be unemployed, so you can still do a little freelance philosophizing on the side.

You will, of course, starve for the first couple of years until your residency is established.

Only have to be there for one calendar year, but the ~$1200 doesn’t go very far. And I can tell you that Alaska is a beautiful place to visit, but it’s a hard place to live.