Best stitch(es) for a sock monkey?

I got a sock-monkey-making kit. I haven’t tried it out yet, as I’m not good at sewing.
Those who know how to sew better than me - what is/are the best stitch(es) to use when hand-sewing a sock monkey? I don’t know that many stitches myself, but I figure I could learn a few from online resources.

I can’t answer the sewing part, but “Stitches For A Sock Monkey” sounds like a great name for a poem, or an episode of a Quinn Martin (The Fugitive, eg) tv show.

Great band name! I made a sock monkey about 15 years ago. I have a sewing machine from the 1940s which has one stitch, the straight stitch. That’s what I used, and when I had to hand sew the tiny parts, I used the regular straight/overhand stitch that I use when hand sewing a seam. Of course you know to turn the parts inside out when you sew aka wrong sides together

Thank you for your advice,** peedin.** The kit I got comes with instructions, though it just says “sew this” and “sew that” without saying how to sew it.
Thank you.

For a machine, I’d use straight stitch.

For hand stitching, if the monkey is going to do anything other than sit on a shelf (i.e., be a toy that actually gets played with), I would back stitch it.

Thank you, amarinth.