Sock monkeys...the actual ones made from socks.

I came across a postcard with instructions for making a sock monkey. irishfella has a new baby nephew, I can sew, I thought “Hey! I can do this and give it to the baby”.

However, it appears that I need some Rockford Red Heel socks…and no-one will deliver them to Ireland.

Will the monkey still look OK if I use ordinary brown socks?

Nope, but I have a plan so cunning you can pin a tail on it and call it a weasel! Point me to the socks you need, I purchase them an mail them to you!

Robert (owner of not one, but 2 sock monkeys! (boy and girl))

I found a store that sells the “official” socks for making sock monkeys, they even ship to Ireland! See :smiley:

I can’t find the Red Heel socks there, my offer still stands.

Click the Ireland link, and scroll down, they are there, they even have mini-socks for mini-monkeys and a “Sock Monkey Book”. See here. (Link goes to the option to order the socks to be delivered to Ireland, see my previous link if you don’t live in Ireland.)

Found it! Thanks.

Everyone should have a sock monkey. :cool:

I have most of a sock monkey - I had a kit, made most of it over x-mas break (from freshman year of college), and left it home to finish there. My mom accidentally through away his face. So, I have a faceless, earlesss sock monkey. I really need to finish him, he hear or talk!

I made a sock monkey 2 summers ago. I hadn’t sewn on a machine in decades so this was my re-introduction. Took me about 8 hours but there was a lot of hand sewing involved. His official name is Underpants and he lives on my sofa.

Would you like to buy a monkey?

[/David Letterman in Cabin Boy, and a bunch of people the year Dave hosted the Oscars]

I’m sorry, but these things just sound obscene. And I’m terrified of them anyway.

Me too. Sock Monkeys are the devil!!

Sock Monkys are cool! Mine, unfortunately, hears no evil. The pomeranians like to grab it’s appendages and play tug of war. The second ear went last week.

Sock Monkeys are not evil, it’s the wind-up monkeys with the cymbals you have to watch out for. Never throw one into a lake to be rid of it’s evilness either, all the fish will die.

I have three sock monkeys. One is named Mondo and has a cute vest and a brown fez, and a purple tie. My wife made it for me when I made her make 18 sock monkeys to give to the child reletives one christmas. She refuses to make more. The other two were purchased. One is tiny and has a tiny fez. The other is midsized right between the others.

I also have a sock elephant.

I tried amazing
they are

  1. sold out of the large socks
  2. having some sort of technical problem with accepting my payment

Back to the drawing board.

How many pairs and what size? I can get the large ones here I wear mediums (but not in front of Sammy) I can order an extra pair or two.

That site has the most hilarious translations into Dutch if you go to the accessories. For instance, there is:

The certificates of the gift (“De certifcaten van de gift”)
The covering of the cannon (“De Dekking van het kanon”)
The covering of the pole (as in: someone from Poland :eek: ) of fishing (“De Dekking van Pool van de visserij”)
The organizers of the sock (“De Organisatoren van de sok”)

They couldn’t find any Dutch speakers to proofread that?

The German isn’t much better: Fischen-Pole-Abdeckungen :confused:, Geschenk-Bescheinigungen :confused:, Haut-Obacht-Produkte :smiley:

VenusProbe-you’re a sweetheart.
I’ve sent an email to the address in your profile.

I love sock monkeys.

You can make sock monkey’s out of regular fun patterned socks.
All the kids are getting sock monkey’s and sock dogs for Xmas as a present topper.

I rock!

You’ve got mail! I needed an excuse to order some(6 pair!) for myself anyway. :smiley:

I’ve found sock monkeys to be of immense benefit in my work as an emergency doctor.

Conversation #1:

Me: Well, Mr. Smith, it seems there are some blobs on your chest X-ray. I understand you’ve smoked two packsa day for forty years. The blobs could be just about anything. Tuberculosis, lymph nodes… we’ll need to biopsy them. Isn’t that right Dr. Sock?

Sock Puppet: No, it’s CANCER! CAAAANCER!

Me: Well, we don’t really know that yet, Dr. Sock.

Conversation #2:

Me: I couldn’t find a cause for your fast heart rate, Ms. Rabble. It could be your thyroid, infection, PSVT, stress…

Sock Puppet: You’re probably a nut case.

Me: It’ll take a couple days for the result of yopur thyroid blood test to come back…