My underwear have monkies on them...

Paul Frank Monkies, to be exact.

Who the heck knew that Paul Frank made ginches?

So? I have Snoopie underwear. :slight_smile:

Are ‘monkies’ related to ‘monkeys’? Or are they some other form of wild life? (I hope they’re enjoying being in your underwear! :))

See, now I was wondering if the plural of monkey was monkeys or monkies.

Anyhow - a bunch of Julius’ are currently roaming accross my butt.

just so’s you ain’t got any Monkey’s on your back!!!

(haw haw) sorry

That sounds way worse than crabs.

What, with all the banana peels and all.

Holy shit, alice, Paul Frank undies are expensive. I wish I could afford them!

And here I was all excited about the ones I got at Zellers that have the days of the week on them (always wanted those)! They also have a “mystical” theme: A unicorn on Monday, a shooting star on Wednesday, a fairy on Friday, a crystal ball on Saturday…

I love it when women talk about their underwear. (Yes, it has been a while for me.) Tell us all about your panties, lady dopers.

A while since you’ve worn ladies underwear?


I guess monkeys will be OK. Just be sure you don’t get the undies that have “Hello Kitty” on them. That type caused quite the stir here once, IIRC.

Mine just have numerous holes in them, but I guess if you squint, turn your head and wear a blindfold it could look like monkeys.

Mine just have money-marks in them.
At least I assume it’s monkeys leaving the marks.

Your monkeys leave you money?

I love buying new underwear. Its so much more fun (and easier) than bra shopping.

My favorite undies are my bright orange La Senza ones, with the little embroidered flower. I have the whole set, in all different colours, but the bright orange are the best, because they are bright orange.

I also have a pair with little teddy bears, some dressed up as angels, others as devils. Very cute pattern, but not that great a cut.

HEEEEY - I have these one too! They’re really comfy. I have the matching bras as well.

I was in a shopping sort of mood yesterday and wound up with Paul Frank monkey panties. They’re really comfy too - and super low-rise, so even if I’m wearing lower jeans, I don’t have thong hanging out the top (I hate that).

Lola - they wern’t that expensive - $29 for 3 pairs - less than $10 per pair. I suppose I do have ginch that were about $50 per pair, so my scale may be slightly different.

linky link link to any monkey undies?

Not that they’re for me or anything…

“I got a monkey on my foot, Travis!”

And my skivvies are Faster Than Light.

I’ve got some really frisky leopard print undies. Hubby loves 'em, but my girlfriend said her husband would probably laugh at her if she wore them. Meaning her own. Which she doesn’t own. Because of the silly factor.

Pretty girls in monkey pants.

That’s pretty much my idea of heaven.

Mmmm… pretty girls in monkey pants.



Didn’t think so. Nobody ever posts pictures of the good stuff. :frowning:

i’ve got a cute pink thong with a cartoon monkey on the front.
it says “cheeky” underneath.

i have black thong with the banana on the front.

i love my knickers.

topshop rules!