Let us now praise... our favorite, comfortable underpants

I’m talkin’ bottoms here… people’s bottoms and the garments that enclose them.

Searching for the Ideal Underpant. I’m fed up to here (or rather, to down there) with itchy elastic that irritates your skin until the day it stretches into non-functionality, poky labels with that NASTY razor-like nylon thread, and stretchiness that turns quickly to baggy-saggy-ness. I want reasonable fabric structure that stays put and does not ride up and disappear into the folds, cracks, and crevices of one’s anatomy. (Underwear that is designed to do that does not belong in this discussion.) I’d like some legs on these pants-- short or down a ways on the thigh (but not “pettipants”-- can’t believe they’re still called that-- we wore them in high school in the 1960s under our pleated, scratchy uniform skirts). I want comfort, ventilation, reasonable cling without cutting off blood supply to Vital Organs. Is this too much to ask?

At this time when I’m wearing loose dresses or sweatpants, not looking for shapewear (love the term :roll_eyes: ). If I need to get into a pencil skirt or a clingy dress, I’ve got the stuff. And yeah, going commando is an option, but a bit of coverage is good when venturing out for a walk or to the grocery store. Should something Untoward happen, I don’t want to scare the EMS people or bystanders who haven’t seen it all and don’t ever want to.

I’ve been all over Vermont Country store, the mothership (as it were) of no-nonsense underwear. I did buy some cotton thigh-length undies from there once, but they creep, stretch, migrate, and sag and bag and are just garbage. Looked all over amazon at “boy shorts,” searching in vain for some that reviewers said did not creep or ride up or stretch out. I looked at “tap pants” on various sites and found some very cute ones for over $100/pair! I guess that’s what you ask your billionaire Sugar Daddy for when you’re tired of jewelry.

It’s been a long time since I shopped in the men’s undies department (except I do buy men’s wool hiking socks for myself at Target), and it occurs to me that what I’m looking for is what in my dim memory I recall as “boxer briefs” but with no fly.) Is that what I’m looking for?

Do these stay put on the thighs or creep up like ALL the boy shorts for women that I read about? I don’t plan to wear them under jeans, slacks, or outer pants, just under sundresses and skirts. Will they stay put?

All underpant comments/suggestions are welcome, not just comments that directly address my question. What are your favorite brands, styles, fabrics, pet peeves, places to buy them, etc.? Are other Doper women as anti-panty as I am, and do y’all have similar complaints? Who has found the Ideal Underpant?

Passing on a non-recommendation (“I’ve heard good things but haven’t tried them”) for TomboyX. The term “girl trunks” was mentioned.

I was wearing stupid-expensive IBEX marino undies. Wool in the summer struck me as a bad idea, but they actually made summer DC subway rides less soggy. The company went under, and the brand was purchased by private equity, which now gets wool/synthetic blends from China.

I have. But my ideal is different from yours, as i wear them under pants and don’t need legs on my daily underpants.

But I am rocking Jockey classic cotton “comfies”, which are nice because they have no seam and they stay put.

I rarely did wear an undergarment with short legs under a long skirt, back before coronavirus, when I went contra dancing. So I’m interested in what you are looking for, too. I hope.

I like the look of them! I don’t need legs if the elastic isn’t aggravating.

I can give a strong recommendation to the brand TomboyX. I have several of their items and have found them all to be very comfy.

They have various lengths of underwear depending on what coverage you are looking for.
(I can send you a referral link for $20 off of $80 if you are interested.)

I also really like the regular cotton bikini style from Victoria’s Secret. They are actually nothing like the sexy frilly stuff that is normally associated what that store. They’re just basic full coverage bikini-style cut bottoms.

As a straight guy, I’m not sure how I found my way to a brand of underwear 9000 miles away and marketed towards gay men, but I’ve been wearing/buying a lot of underwear from AussieBum (SFW, but lots of underwear models on the front page). I could do without ‘AUSSIEBUM’ written across the waistband in the back, but they are, by far, the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever owned. I probably have 20+ pairs, all different styles/fabrics/cuts and I’m 100% happy with nearly every one of them.
Shipping from Australia seems to take anywhere between a little over a week to a month depending on how long things take to clear customs.

Nothing but Jockey micro-fibre boxers for me. (pardon me if this was supposed to be a girls only thread) :flushed:

Absolutely not! All underpants-wearing persons welcome. And those who aspire or plan to wear them, even if not currently so clad.

Some great suggestions here! Thx.

I like the look of this site. Do the legs stay put or creep up (if you have some with legs)?

I have a few pairs of Knix. I have the ‘boyshort’ style, which doesn’t have legs, but they do have another style called the Thigh Saver which does.

When I got my first pair, I was kind of weirded out by the fabric. It’s thin, very light, and very smooth. But they stay put and are completely unnoticeable - meaning I don’t even notice I’m wearing underwear about two seconds after I put them on, and the fabric is seamless and pretty much undetectable under clothes. No bunching, binding, itching, etc.

I have a few of varying lengths, my favorite is the boy shorts one because I normally don’t like longer legs, but I have one that’s 4.5” that is great and one that’s a longer 6” boxer brief that does ride up a little, but that was an earlier model from 2014 and they’ve since changed the material. It also depends on your body shape/size. What’s also great about them is they have a guarantee that if you don’t like the first pair you buy, you can keep it and get your $ back or get a new one free!

This is great stuff!

The Thigh Saver 4" looks like exactly what I’m wanting.

Saxx Kinetic line for men. Or Tommy John Air. They make women’s undergarments. No idea how good those are.

For men, both are pricey; both are worth it. Goodbye to chafing, while still having support.

Ex Officio. Expensive but well-made, sometimes go on sale at REI, elastic holds up, flexible, hand washable and quick-drying. At home I handwash or use a cold delicates cycle and line dry; traveling I handwash with a little shampoo, squeeze in a towel, and hang dry. I was away from home for 2 months and walked over 500 miles last summer with three pairs, and could have used two. I just threw out the first pair I ever bought, and if I were handier with a sewing machine, I could have tightened up the elastic. They were at least 16 years old.

GF mentions that Aerie gets a lot of good reviews. She personally likes: Commando (the thongs are especially noteworthy), Chantel, and Hanky Panky for lacy ones. Hanky Panky’s ‘Bare’ line if you don’t want lacey.

EDIT: She also mentioned Tommy John and Jockey make a ‘slip short’, that might be helpful.

Thanks. I have one of their bras. It’s not my favorite bra, but it’s great when my boobs get itchy in other bras. I don’t think I’d want that fabric in underpants… But I’m grateful for the link because I was thinking of getting another bra. (I think the first one may have been a kickstarter or something.)

I have two of these (underpants.) They aren’t the most breathable, but they are comfortable, fit well, dry really fast, and do, indeed, last forever. I can’t remember how long I’ve had mine, but they look brand new.

I often bring then with me when I travel because I know I can wash one in the sink and wear it the next day.

Female. Worn underpants some 67+years (don’t remember the first 5 or so of those though). Comfort matters most, quality for the price matters, cut matters, fabric matters, size availability matters, not wanting boring matters.

The Jockey brand ‘cotton comfies’ that were mentioned earlier are ones I have had consistently good experiences with. Reliable quality, a price I can afford, comfort. I think French cut is always a good bet for not pinching, binding, riding up.

Underwear is a place where I think you get what you pay for (BTW I think the same about bras-Wacoal being my go to brand here). Jockey is as pricey as I can readily spring for but they are worth saving up for. I have had much more expensive panties that were not as comfortable or quality.

For travel quick laundry needs, Jockey also makes good polyester stretchy fabric ones. Target often sells (or did) Jockey, as does Kohl’s and Von Maur. Von Maur has almost unbelievably good customer service and you can return anything for any reason forever. Their online ordering is easy too. Sale prices there can be surprisingly cheap with a little patience.

Can’t believe I just spent half an hour talking about how I buy underwear. Fun, fun.

Look at it this way. You’ve performed an important pubic public service.