Guys, I'm in the market for a new brand of boxer briefs. Anyone have a strong brand loyalty?

I’ve used Jockeys exclusively for years. It’s time to replenish and I’ve been thinking there is probably a brand that would serve me better.

I’m not afraid to spend a little more for quality, but I don’t want to pay for just a name.

I’m a boxer briefs guy, so please limit your input to those.


I like the ones they sell at Costco.

I wore Jockey for many years, but switched to Adidas a while back, and I really like their athletic briefs.

Champion brand.
First time buying boxer-briefs. Year and a half, eight pairs. So far, the elastic is just as tight as new, there’s no visible wear and I haven’t had anything to complain about as far as fit or fading.

Duluth Trading

Ex-officio. But wait for the sale prices.

I have found Hanes to be long-lasting and comfortable. The last batch I bought were Hanes X and they are still pretty much as good as new. I have some older ones from 2004 that are still going strong. I wear everything in rotation, it comes to about one time every two weeks for each pair.

On the other hand I don’t recommend Fruit of the Loom. The ones I tried have not been particularly comfortable, nor have they lasted well.

If you have a Uniqlo (Japanese similar to Gap) store near you (i.e. NYC or San Francisco) I like their stuff pretty well, it’s well priced and it lasts well and it’s very comfortable.

As for Duluth Trading, they can be very good, but they are pricey, and the comfort level can vary wildly between models; and they have a lot of different models. Some of them are that stretchy nylon-y material that I don’t like much, even the “Armachillo” model that’s supposed to keep you cool makes me sweat by the end of the day.

Easiest question of the day. 2xist

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i second this recommendation. I’ve been wearing them for almost ten years and find them very comfortable and long lasting. About $15 for five at Target.

Am I reading the link right? $21-28 for one pair?!? I can’t imagine what would be worth 7-9 times what I’m paying! What quality or feature could possibly make them worth that much?

It’s going to depend quite a bit on the fabric and how you want them to fit. Even then any one brand is going to have styles you’re going to like and styles you won’t like. Personally, I just go on Amazon and start looking. At the bottom of each page is a bunch of suggestions. I just keep click on those and eventually I’ll find what I want, however, I’ve found that once you go more than 2 or 3 pages down that rabbit hole you end up in some odd places so it’s best to start over fairly often.

Having said that, I like Adidas Sport Performance, Champion Tech Performance and UA Boxerjocks for the spandex-y type ones. For regular cotton I like Muryobao and there’s also bamboo (yes, bamboo) Cariloha’s are good and I think the price came down. Jinshi’s aren’t bad, but a bit silky for my taste.
So far I haven’t been a fan of Exofficio or Saxx.

FTR, I’m not, like, an underwear connoisseur, it’s that I’ll go on Amazon, buy a couple different kinds, then a few months later I’ll do it again…then they start showing up all over my Amazon pages until I feel like telling Amazon to stop doing that. But that’s what it’ll take to figure out what you like, buy a few different brands/fabrics and see what works for you.

Vote #3 for Hanes. I buy the ComfortBlend Tagless Boxer Briefs.

Wow. I mean I have dollar store boxer briefs that are still quite serviceable after 3 years.

My last 3-pack was from Walmart.

It’s just underwear. What the hell are you doing to it?

Another vote for Hanes.

For years I used what I think is/was the house brand at Kohls and I thought those were good. Then I bought some Calvin Kleins from Target, but they had no place to put genitals - I don’t know if that’s normal but they were definitely sold as boxer briefs and not compression shorts. Now I am using some called Undertech, which I found I at the store Meijer. Not sure if it is a regional/house brand or not. For me, the most important features are not riding/bunching up and having a relaxed and stretchy pouch area. I don’t want my package compressed against my thigh or behind my legs. Definitely don’t want circulation cut off and the anxiety of having dead tissue in that area.

ETA: I use the moisture wicking/cool comfort or whatever it’s called material. That is the only type of material I’ve had for boxer briefs. I used to wear regular boxers in cotton.

Another up vote for Hanes and down vote for Fruit of the Loom.

A lot of very bad, cheap suggestions here. If you want something nicer, I’d try Tommy John.

What makes our “cheap” suggestions “bad” if we’re saying these briefs are comfortable and long lasting?

I wear Nautica and Calvin Klein boxer briefs. They are great!

Commando brand.

Never need washing. Easy to get off when you’re in a hurry. Plenty of ballroom. Naturally ventilated.