Guys: Boxers or Briefs

Short and to the point.

I wear briefs. I’ve tried boxers, and it resulted in bunched-up nuts, and lots of flopping. :eek: No thank you.

Briefs, same reason as you. I prefer the boys stay where I put 'em.

Since I discovered Hanes® TAGLESS® Men’s Boxer Briefs with ComfortSoft® Waistband — only those. ( I would have posted the link but the picture there was borderline NSFW.)

Curious fact. My father wore boxers all his life. I didn’t like them, but didn’t even know till I was in HS that briefs existed and, since then have never put on boxers, same reason as HeyHomie. But my two sons wear only boxers! I don’t understand it.

Vaires. Most of the time, cotton boxers. In the gym, polyester/lycra boxer-briefs.

Boxers since way back. I like floppin around.

A buddy answered “both”. I figured he meant boxer-briefs, but nope. He wears briefs “for support” and boxers over “for style”. He’s a weirdo, and after hearing this, I told him so.

Not “It varies” but “Depends” --for more comedic punch.

As in, “Do you wear boxers or briefs?”

This joke doesn’t have to be explained does it?

I laughed.


Boxers or boxer-briefs. Never briefs.

I put boxer-briefs since they’re the most comfortable and top preference. But if I’m going out for dinner or some such, I’ll wear boxers.

Boxer Briefs. Gotta be Boxer Briefs. I never did like boxers and I’m too damned old for briefs.

Ditto. The best of both worlds.

When I wear anything, it’s boxers. I don’t care much one way or the other, except I hate tighty-whiteys, so since my wife prefers boxers if I’m going to wear underwear, that’s what she buys me.

I had a girlfriend who called boxers “old man underwear” and wanted me to wear those tiny Euro-style nutsacks because she liked the way the junk hung in them. I obliged her.

I only wear undies for work, which I guess doesn’t make much sense since I’m in an office, but I consider it part of my work “outfit”. The rest of my life, I go free-ballin’.

I was a died-in-the-wool briefs guy until I started dating my current girlfriend. She likes being able to reach in there and have room to rustle around a bit.

“Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it’s usually something unusual.”

I prefer boxers… if only because if I need to run the garbage out to the curb, I can easily claim they’re shorts.

Boxers. It’s fun going down stairs. Easy access. Cooler.

Tighty-whities all the way. The few times I’ve tried boxers it feels exactly like the times I’ve worn sweatpants over top of shorts. Too bulky and too floppy. Besides, state law requires loads above a certain standard size and weight be restrained during transit.

I should have added an option for Banana-hammock. :smack:

applause Well played.

Boxers since college, but in the last few months I’ve been gradually switching to boxer-briefs because of the bunching.