Why would any guy wear tidy whities?

Tidy whities smash up your junk and make your balls sweat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Boxers let my junk hang free and tickle my knee. :cool:

Well, not quite. It is a nice rhyme that I couldn’t resist.
But I do like my rod hanging and not squashed up in a tidy whitie ball.

Any other boxer fans here?

Well, because untidy whities would just be gross? (Isn’t is usually spelled “tighty whities”?) I can’t answer your question, though.

Briefs are too tight, but boxers don’t provide enough support. I find boxer-briefs to be juuuuuuust right.

I’ve seen it both ways. Tighty whities and tidy whities.

Tom Cruise made them famous. Before Tom’s Risky Business most guys wore boxers. I still prefer boxers.

I need the support or else I bruise my knee.

I beg to differ on point of most guys wearing boxers pre-Tom Cruise. tighty whities (aka briefs or jockey shorts) were popular in the fifties. Even guys as old as my dad (75) have worn them all of their adult lives. Military men tended to be the exceptrions for a lot of years.

I’m not sure this is true. I never wore boxers in my life. And I predate that movie by quite a bit. I don’t know what most guys wear, but all the stores I shop in have a lot of all kinds of underwear, so I assume all styles have a considerable following.

My old college gf was a Tom Cruise fan. She dragged me to see Risky Business at the theater five times. Talked me into those briefs for awhile. Red ones and some spiffy black ones too. :smiley:

Never liked them. Too much sweat. The heat lowers your sperm count. We finally compromised and I wore the briefs for her on our dress up nights. I’ll wear briefs for a gf in lingerie anytime. I’m lucky that I married a lady that loves bustiers and camisoles. :wink:

Boxers don’t provide the support I need to contain my huge manhood. Don’t want stuff flopping around down there

to hide unsuspecting boners… of course!

For laughs?

Yes! I’ll never go back to boxers or briefs. Sooooo comfortable.

This. Just as big boobs need more structural support than perky A-cups, some of us need to contain things, lest someone get hurt. :wink:

And, frankly as a young guy, a huge package in tight jeans was a good feature to have!
My wife says it’s the second thing she noticed about me when me met.:smiley:

The first was my hat. That was a great hat.

I wore tighty whities until I had kids and had to be up and about at night. Boxers are a good bit more dignified than briefs, if you are not wearing anything else.

Every boxer man has a crucial decision to make. Is it going to hang left or right.

I saw a poll years ago that guys make a choice and stick with it. I know in my case it just feels weird on the wrong side.

We can skip that poll here. TMI :wink:

That’s a good point. It sure helped me when my kids were young. It was almost like having swimming trunks on.

This is why I love boxer briefs, too. Boxers are ideal for the sports-car-buying crowd, but some of us need a little more support.

Briefs here. Partially for the support, mainly because I’ve never worn anything else, and nobody’s ever complained or laughed. I’ve asked girlfriends which they’d like to see and none of them much cared how it looks on the bedroom floor.

Its what I’ve always worn. What reason is there for me to switch to something else?

Me, too. I’m 56 and have worn tighty whites all my life. So did my dad as far back as I can remember. I like things wrapped up in a neat package, not flopping around loose.

I played racquetball once while wearing boxers instead of briefs. It was a painful experience I endeavored never to repeat.