I grew up wearing tighty whities, because that’s what my mom bought me, and I was unaware of other options. As an adolescent, I experimented with many styles, as well as “commando”, before settling into a decade-long run in boxers - my cousin had fertility issues, which his doctor attributed (at least in part) to wearing TWs. I wasn’t then married, but I’m always thinkin’ ahead. That’s just me. But, there are certain disadvantages to boxers, as any man who wears them will attest. Not the least of which is the lack of support - if you’re not careful, you run the risk of tripping on your balls, or getting them caught in the dresser drawer, or (god forbid) snagging them on the errant rusty nail.

But after all the years with free range testicles (so to speak), I’m having trouble strapping them back into TWs, even though fertility is no longer a concern (I had myself sterilized last year). Tighty whities are just too… tight. But the boxers have got to go (I think), and going commando just doesn’t seem as cool and sexy now that I’m 36 as it was when I was 26 (you’ll just have to take my word on that). Whatever. I’ve found a sort of compromise, though. These things are like a cross between boxers and briefs. Like cotton boxerbriefshorts. Comfy.

But are there other options out there I’m unaware of?

Well, there’s always these.

I’ve grown quite fond of boxer briefs myself. I’ve done the tighty whiteys, the boxers, and even (at the behest of the missus and with a certain trepidation) semi-thongs (a little like that mildly disconcerting link swampbear posted, only without the less pee-hole and more nylon). I don’t mind boxers but they have only a certain lifespan before the material becomes fatigued enough to start riding up with disturbing ease. TWs are fine in a general sense. Boxer briefs though I rather like beacause they’re snug and fit partway down the leg such that they don’t ride up nearly as easily even after the material becomes fatigued.

Meh. Been there, done that. It’s been about 10 years since I could pull that off. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though.

Stephen Colbert called that “Indian Underpants” (creepin’ up the trail).

Maybe you should ask Scylla for advice! :smiley:

I live in the South.
Boxers are a must, in Summer.

No man-thong for me, mate. It’d be like Who let the dogs out?!?

I dunno, Bosda. I lived in the south for about a year and a half, and I recall chafing was an issue. Of course, I was working for a small package delivery company at the time and running around a lot, but still.

When I get on my bicycle, & sweat soaks the sewn hem of a pair of Briefs, the ones near the groin, it cuts into me like a bandsaw. :frowning:

Boxer Briefs for the win. Like you I grew up on TWs and discovered the amazing world of opportunity when it came to underwear. Commando was my choice for a while, then boxers but I never liked boxers. They bunched and didn’t give my boys a home, so boxer briefs are nice because they stop the chafing and they don’t tend to bunch.

Given the subject matter of this thread, this perhaps wasn’t the most flattering turn of phrase you could have used. :smiley:

Indeed I must have mis-spoke. I actually worked for a large, girthy package delivery company.

It’s not for everyone, but you might take a look at the men’s long brief at Wintersilks.com


Those are pretty much like the boxerbriefs I wear. Though the ones at Wintersilks.com are longer.

Another voice singing the praises of boxerbriefs. Fit, support without binding…why didn’t they invent these things decades ago?

Ah Winston!!
Thank God you’re still alive.

Now then whatcha gonna do about the BYST?

If you’re looking for something a little different, how about manties? :smiley:

Lovely. Manties, a murse, and a merkin – essential gear for the experimental metrosexual.

But only if you post a pic…