Best Store-Bought Italian Dressing?

I’m on a quest to find the best store-bought Italian dressing. So far, Ken’s is pretty good. But, I seem to recall my Mom making Seven Seas Italian from a mix that was really tasty. (Do they still make this?) Anyone have other suggestions?


  • Jinx

The wife likes Newman’s Own.

Oh, yes they do! And it’s delicious. You’ll find it in packets in the salad dressing aisle. Usually on the top somewhere.

Ditto- the Balsamic Vinegar style and Olive oil and vinegar style are great.

I like to make the Good Seasons Italian dressing that comes in little mix packets, with their glass cruet. I use balsamic vinegar instead of the suggested red wine vinegar, and it comes out great and goes with almost everything.

Lonzerotti’s Fat Free (made in Jacksonville, IL, so I’m not sure where you can find it outside of Central/Southern IL.) Zesty! You would never guess that it’s fat free and lo-cal.

I’ve found Wishbone to be astonishingly good. I usually like ranch dressings, but if we have Wishbone Italian in the house, it beats out all ranch (except Hidden Valley).

It used to be Seven Seas Creamy Italian, which apparently has been discontinued since about November.

Never mind

No, I saw what you said, Hazle, and I can’t forget it! :slight_smile: