Best Survivor theme song rendition

After all is said and done, I have to vote for Australia. It’s still the best one for me. I like the strong emphasis of the voices over the instruments, and I like the opening didjeridoo. What’s your favorite and why?

I liked last season’s intro, not for the music, but for the video that went with it – the big native warrior dude jumping towards the screen at the start. Even my spouse was all “hey! where’s the jumping guy?” this season.

Wow. You just can’t get more hardcore fan of Survivor than having any response to this thread. I just realized they changed it this year when someone mentioned it on one of the threads here.

The comprehensive Survivor knowledge on these boards alone amazes me; unfortunately most of my Survivor memories are conflated as past seasons blur together. That caveat to my fading memories now stated, though, I do believe my favorite was also the Australian Outback… I, too, remember and liked the didgeridoo, and your mention of emphasizing the voices makes me believe it was the results/reunion show from the Australia season that featured the live performance of the theme that I liked so well. I’m always disappointed in the live music on the reunion shows because they really nailed it one time, and the one time was probably way back to Australia.

Oy! Oy! Oy!

The best one was at the fake tribal council that the All STars did.

Here’s the lot of them so you can compare and vote. :slight_smile: