Best time to buy a new truck.

I am contemplating purchasing a new full size truck. I have been doing a little poking around and I was wondering what kind of market situations/times make for better truck deals.

Should I go near the end of a month or fiscal year when there is more pressure to meet sales goals?

Should I look for the dealer in the middle of nowhere with nobody on the lot that may be desperate for a sale?

Should I shoot for the end of a model year?

I guess I should be asking what are the pressures on a new car salesperson and when can I best exploit them to my best advantage?

My two opinions:

If you buy near the end of the model year, your new truck will be a year old in a month. Not actually a year old, but it will have a year’s depreciation in its value the day the next year’s model comes out. You may get a break on the price because they want to get rid of it, but not enough to cover a year’s depreciation.

If you go to a dealer where the salesman of the month gets a trip to Cancun, talk to the 2nd place salesman in week 4. I have absolutely no evidence to support this theory, but it sounds good.