Best way to (and around) China?

My sister and I are planning on touring China for a couple weeks, but while we’re relatively comfortable going to Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, we’d like more of a local connection/guide and so are looking into tours.
How do you find a good/reputable/not-too-expensive tour of China? Anyone go on a good one or know someone who has?

I recently took this tour of China and had a blast (well, except for the flight home, but that wasn’t the tour’s fault). If you’re not looking for a whole package tour, but just a guide while you’re there, don’t worry, they’re a dime a dozen. The hotel I stayed in had a miniature travel agency inside of it, plus flyers and brochures for dozens of day tours, half day tours, city tours, etc. Even some of the places I went to on my own had several people coming up to me and asking if I’d like a guide.

Oh, here’s my photo album from my trip. Feel free to write me privately if you have any further questions.

Thanks for the info. That’s the kind of thing we’re looking for.