Best way to clean trainers?

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My trainers (sneakers for you Americans :wink: ) are looking a bit worse for wears so I wanted to give them a good clean. I’ve heard of people washing their trainers in the washing machine but I’ve never done it myself… is it a good idea? Anybody tried it before?

If you wash them in the washing machine should you put them in a pillow case first (have heard of people doing this before to) and should you take the shoelaces out?

All of your humble opinions are welcome.

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I’ve washed trainers in the washing machine. Never used ‘padding’ but it’s probably a good idea. It is probably a good idea to take the laces out too.

It probably does them no harm if you don’t do it too often. (Like 3 or 4 times in their lifetime)
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As long as they aren’t leather, then into the washing machine they go. I’ve never removed laces or anything else. They will be loud (but probably not damaged) if dried in the clothes dryer.

If they are leather, I’ve used windex, or a good window cleaner, and a little shoe polish of the right color to freshen them up.

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My methods a bit different from the ones suggested above.Its more labour intensive too but I think it gives me better results than by chucking it into the washing machine.

Remove the laces and let the shoes soak in a bucket of warmish water for some time.Take an old brush and use it to apply shampoo(the normal stuff you use for your hair) to the shoes.Let it stay on for 5 minutes and wash it off under a jet of water.They come out as good as new!

I’ve always used the washing machine, even with expensive walking shoes with the air membrane in the sole and never had a problem. I worked as a doughnutmaker for about a year after highschool and my glaze-covered shoes had to be washed A LOT. If you don’t put them in the dryer, be sure to leave them in a super-sunny spot so they don’t mildew before they can dry out. I’ve heard you should put some tissue paper in the toes as they dry to keep the shape, but I’d think that would just drag out the drying time because of the air not being able to circulate.