best way to get a bunny

My son would like to know,if one is getting a rabbit, would the best way to get a healthy one be from someone whose rabbit had babies at home or a pound?

I think it would matter what kind of environment the rabbit is raised in. I bought a bunny last year from a large family who raised them as pets. The problem was that he was living in a rabbit hutch outside and had never been handled. (He was a year old.) I asked if I could bring the rabbit back if things did not work out with him and my cats. Internet research said the two types of animals would mix in time. It turned out that they did not… Nobody got hurt but we had some unpleasant scenes. Another thing to remember is that rabbits like to chew. If they are inside, you will need to cover your wiring. They are also kind of difficult to litter train. Plus, they can make loud thumping noises if they are unhappy.

I ended up taking him back to the family. That was one good part about getting him from a breeder. I felt like a heel doing it, but it needed to be done. I am glad we left that option open.

I had a huge scratch from his nails, which had not been clipped. So, I recommend getting a bunny based on his or her personality regardless of who has them for sale. Also, do lots of bunny research and get things ready for him.

House Rabbit Society

I would opt for a rescue bunny.

Generally the ASPCA has loads of the little critters so you’ll have a good selection to choose from.

Additionally, the bunnies are older so they are probably:

a) pan trained (not that it’s hard, but it’s nice to have it done)
b) fixed (this can be expensive)
c) socalized - this is the most important - you have to find someone who likes your son.

I have a bunny (Benny) who really is a deligtful pet. When he’s out of his Bunny Condo[sup]TM[/sup] I have to watch him to prevent him from eating cords and plants, but I’ve almostly completely bunny-proofed the house (except for my bed room, where he’s not allowed) so I don’t have to stalk him or anything.

Good luck!

I’ve never actually gone out and delibarately got a rabbit, but I’ve had quite a few! Our current bunny, Tigger, was a hand-me-down from a family at Church who were moving out of town.

I sort of vote against the SPCA, simply on the grounds of price. I’m not sure what rabbits go for but I know dog’s and cat’s are well out of my range.

If you look in you local paper, chances are sooner or later you’ll find one free or very cheap. I bet there’ll be a stack up for grabs a couple of months after Easter.

The trick is to find one who’s being given up for reasons that don’t involve the rabbit itself. Many perfectly good pets find themselves homeless due to allergies or moves. You might even try posting a “Rabbit Wanted” ad. How about at your son’s school?

DO rabbit proof your home! Tigger spends time both indoors and outside, depending on the weather, but he’s caged unless he can be supervised. Boy, can they chew!

Good luck!

Well the best way I get my bunnies is to wait after the first frost. That way the sick ones are dead and the healthy and tasty ones are still around for hunting. I prefer a .22 cal carbine to get my bunnies. Its a lot less messier than a 12ga shotgun! :wink:

I second the house rabbit society, but realize that it costs $78* to adopt a rabbit from them ($118 for a pair). That’s not too bad, though, since all their rabbits are already spayed or neutered.

*Those prices only apply to the MD/DC/VA chapter of the House Rabbit Society.

Now that is absolutely disgusting! Why don’t you just do what I do. I put on my finest Italian silk suit. Add a dab of French cologne to my collar and lapels. Pick up the phone and say, “Mr. Hefner - Hugh, my good buddy. How about a favor for an old friend?”. :wink:

You know how you get a unique rabbit?
Unique up on it!

How do you catch a tame one?

The tame way!

At our APL, rabbits are 25$!

Before getting a bunny be sure you read all you can on them & the kids know what they have to do. So far two bunnies have been dropped on me because they kids no longer took care of them.

did that hurt?
when they were dropped ON you?

I second the HRS; the cost is about the same as what you’d pay to have the rabbit neutered/spayed by a competant vet, and they’re very good about making sure you get a bunny who fits with your expectations/lifestyle.

“when they were dropped ON you?”

They got claws you know?

They also live pretty long for small furry pets.

You can get plenty or cotton tails in the woods, by concealing yourself behind a hugh boulder, and making noises like a carrot. Draws 'em in every time.

handy handy handy
I love ya,but I was being funny , making a joke.
Unless you really had rabbits dropped on you, claws and all.

With your "Shield and Magic Helmet’!
[sub]Kill the Wabbit! Kill the Wabbit![/sub]

“Shield and Magic Helmet?!”

Just remember, no matter how good looking she is…the ears, whiskers, and giant buck teeth still make her a rabbit.

“Shield and Magic Helmet?!” I can’t tell you what a highlight it was to catch that on some cartoon show a few months ago. I hadn’t seen it in years.

Just remember, no matter how good looking she is…the ears, whiskers, and giant buck teeth still make her a rabbit.

My bunnies have an incredible appetite for computer cord$, answering machine cord$ & electrical cord$. Therefore they must stay outside all the time. Period.