Best way to give anonymous cash for a wedding?

It involves “manning up” because, for the reasons in my earlier post, the situation feels very awkward to me. Otherwise this thread wouldn’t exist.

I was hoping someone would join in and continue the line …

… presented by a large man wearing a dapper suit and sharp hat …

… and his name is Guido …

Yeah, sorry, I still don’t recognize the reference (assuming that this is a reference to some work of entertainment).

I don’t think it’s a specific reference, just very mob-like. “Dis a nice lookin’ weddin’ you got here. Here’s a small token of appreciation from an anonymous donor. He may be wantin’ a small favor in the future, capisce?”

Am I the only one for whom the thrill at getting money anonymously would overcome any anxiety about who gave it to me? I’d just assume they cared about me, but didn’t want to let me know who it was. Any attempt to try to find out who it was would be for pure fun, and wouldn’t happen until well after it was spent.