Best way to lose belly?

What’s the best way to lose belly flab? I’m 5’2", 105 lbs. I can do endless crunches, situps whatever until I can feel firm muscle, but I continue to be plagued by the belly pooch. I can’t understand it…I mean, obviously, I don’t want to lose any more weight, but I want to get rid of that stupid flab. Even when I was at 100 pounds on my wedding day, I still had the damned belly. What to do?

Lord, I hope you get an answer. Apparently we are twins. :slight_smile:

Uhmm…no. Actually, we’re triplets!

Sorry, but the general consensus that I’ve seen on these boards is that spot reduction isn’t possible. Those crunches will serve to tighten your abs, but they won’t do much to remove any fat that might be on top. The only way to lose excess fat is to eat healthier/do cardio. Unfortunately, if losing more weight would be unhealthy for you, I don’t really have any qualified advice to offer. Someone will surely come along soon and explain better than myself.

You can add muscle mass to the rest of your body while you loose the belly fat to prevent you from falling through street grates.
You need to incorporate a full body workout type of regimen in order to loose the tough stuff. That’s the breaks. Eat good, increase metabolism, add muscle tone (full body) and there’s very good odds the unwanted stuff will finally go away.

Lipo or those injections that Britney Spears had. No spot-reduction through exercise, I’m afraid.

Listen, when I was in high school I weighed 105 (I am also 5’2") and was convinced I had an unsightly “belly.” Now I look at those pictures and laaaaugh.

These days I’m 130… Karate 4 days a week has redistributed the load but not budged the scale an inch, and you know what, I think I look better than I ever have. My advice to you is to try and love your body for exactly what it is. Hard advice to take, I know.

I hate to sound so rude, but jeeze, who doesn’t know this by now?
EDIT: The fallacy of “spot reducing, that is”

Hello, my sisters. I totally agree with Team of Scientists. I am very healthy in my eating habits…mostly vegetarian with quite a bit of turkey and seafood. I just don’t get my body saying, “Nope you definitely shouldn’t lose weight, but that belly is here to stay!” I’m convinced that, even if I was skeletally underweight (which I, obviously have no desire to be!) that belly would still be hangin’ out, mocking me.

Help the potbellies!

Watch Pulp Fiction and enjoy your pot.

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for!

I seriously reccomend weight training.

Hee, hee…I was just thinking about doing just that while having some blueberry pancakes!

If you hate to sound rude, why be rude?


I saw this thing called Abtronic on TV the other night. Seems to work great. 30 minutes a day is all it takes to get the body you always dreamed of - and you don’t need to do shit.

It could just be bloatedness?

Also I mainly eat just fruit veg and all the good stuff, leave out the refined and the fizzy and it may improve.
It was doing all of this that helped.

Burn fat with running then tone.
Plus recently not eating for a week when I was really ill but I don’t recommend that.

I would recommend that you first determine your body fat percentage by using a electronic body fat scale or, preferably, get it determined at a lab that can do the water tank test. If you use the electronic body fat scale method, I would also recommend that you get a set of calipers and measure your skinfolds as a check to make sure you are getting an accurate result.

The reason you want to do this is because even though you are 5’2" and 105 lbs, you could still have a high body fat percentage. This then would be the root cause of your belly fat and you can determine what to do from there.

Wikipedia has a good article on body fat percentage that you should read. For a women, you would need a body fat percentage around the 16-20% range to get a flat tummy. That either means building more muscle mass (weight training) or losing the fat (primarily aerobic training). There is no exercise out there that will specifically target belly fat. Adding muscle mass has the side benefit of increasing your basal metabolic rate, meaning that you will burn more energy at rest than before. However, aerobic activities are much more fun IMHO.

Not knowing your current athletic regime or interests, it is hard for me to suggest any specific programs for you to follow.

For me (male), belly fat is the last place on my body for fat to disappear from. When I am in raging form for cycling races, you will see defined abs because my body fat percentage is so low. However, if I have slacked off a bit and eaten too much, I can see it right away through the lack definition of my abs and the increased size of my love handles. I can easily detect 2-3 lb weight gains just by looking at my stomach. The difference 2-3 lbs have at low body fat percentages is quite dramatic. When I am in my yearly winter slump and at a much higher body fat percentage, those 2-3lbs don’t give as much of a dramatic change to my body and you won’t see any abs. When I’m in good form, I will typically be out riding my bike 2-3 hours a day, 6 days a week.

What can you take from this? A flat, defined belly requires a low body fat percentage and small differences in weight change can have dramatic differences when you are at these low levels. It may also require you to gain a level of fitness you have not reached before.

I had a similar issue except that my fat tended to accumulate in my face rather than my belly, and I was already 130 lbs at 5’10" so I didn’t really want to get any skinnier. To fix this, I decided to lift heavy weights and gain muscle overall (and eat a lot of meat and protein rich foods), and then drop body fat so I wouldn’t appear emaciated. I’m still working on it but so far I’ve made good progress I think.

Some people will always have a ‘belly’. It’s just the way your body fat is distributed. I have one too, and it’s taken me a long time to really accept that no amount of dieting or exercise would ever give me what I consider a perfect stomach. Exercise will help, don’t get me wrong. But it’ll never disappear fully.

Running. people who run enough lose belly fat and all excess fat…I hate running.