Best way to quit a job you like?

Short and sweet version of the story is as follows: I like my job (working in a chocolate store), but I just got a better one. (Pays more, isn’t customer service, more hours, less of a chance of injury… oh, and I get to play video games.)

I have enough time to give 2 weeks notice.

I am feeling a little bad because my manager is really stressed out since everyone else is leaving for other jobs.

No idea what to say to her…

What would you do?

Give her a box of…

Nah, strike that.
Tell the truth. And as quickly as possible. If you realy liked working there, make sure you say that. Explain that it’s not about leavig a job you dislike, but about moving up in life’s goals.

Of course, the boss may not want to talk a lot about it, so many things may be left unsaid. But, tell them as soon as you can.

Leaving to pursue other interests. Be sure you include a two week departure interval and you’ll be O.


If the store is hurting for help, and it can fit into your schedule, you might want to offer to come in on a very part-time basis to help with training. Would get you glowing recommendations for life.

Well, there’s no rule that says you need to give your boss ONLY a two weeks notice. One thing that would help is to give your boss as long a notice as you can so that she can have more time to find a replacement for you. You should just come out and be honest and direct with your manager ASAP. That’s the best thing you can do for her (short of not quitting).

Write a resignation letter. In many jobs, you’re supposed to put your resignation in writing anyway. Make it short and to the point. For example:

*Dear Boss Lady,

I regret that I must resign from my position at Charlie’s Chocolate Store. I have greatly enjoyed working here, and I thank you for the opportunity.

I am available to work my normal schedule until <date 2 weeks hence>.



(You don’t have to say anything about why you’re leaving, but a “position in my field” or “career opportunity” is always a valid reason to leave a retail job. )

Then ask your boss to speak with her privately. Hand her the letter, and let her read it. That’s probably the easiest way to “tell” her. If you can, offer to help ease the transition, like training new people, etc. Whatever you do, don’t feel bad about leaving because other people are. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles in the big bad world of retail.

Be very, very, very sincere.

I second giving as much notice as you can and offering to help with training if it’s possible. I gave three months’ notice myself as I’d hoped to be able to help train my replacement. (Actually, I had planned on giving two months’ notice, but a coworker accidentally let the cat out of the bag to my supervisor, who confronted me with a “uhhh…so…moving to California anytime soon?” Heehee.) Unless of course it’s the sort of place where, once they find out you’re leaving, they’ll treat you badly.

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