Best way to remove chewining gum for sneaker sole

I stepped into a wad of it at the gas pump which didn’t make paying $4.16/gallon
any more pleasant.

I put the sneaker in a (big) plastic bag, and into the freezer over night.

Tried getting it off today w1th a scraper, then tried rubbing it off with Brillo. Neither worked very well.

Any ideas?

Try WD-40.

Thanks. I’ll get some and will try it.

“Goo-Gone” is made just for those sorts of things. It is better than WD-40 for this.

The gum if smeared across a sole needs to be real cold to stay brattle enough to chip off. Within moments of being taken from the fridge I’m sure the gum film lost it’s brittleness. Get a thin bladed screwdriver, a paper towel and and some ice cubes. Grab a cube with the paper towel and press the cube firmly right down on the area you wish to chill for 30 seconds or so them immediately put the screwdriver to it.

Peanut butter.

Don’t try to get gum out with a bone. It only makes things worse.

The custodians at my high school used to turn one of those air duster cans upside down, and spray that directly onto the gum.

I asked my wife to get some WD-40 at the suggestion of x-ray vision, and it worked superbly!! (This was before DrDeth mentioned Goo-Gone.)

My thanks to everyone, and especially to x-ray.

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