Best way to save websites?

Before anyone gets smart, I know what bookmarking is, I’m looking for a better way.

Quite often I find something brilliant on the web, and then delete my history and can’t find it again. For example, there was a link to an application posted in this forum, that allowed you to input an angle, date and planet, and see the view from that planet (you could look at Europa from Jupiter etc). Unfortunately, I deleted my history and I can’t find it again. I want some way that when I find something cool I can go Science > Space > NASA Imagermobob and save it for later.
Or if I find a report (as I did once) estimating the cost-saving of euthanasia then I can go Health > Euthanasia > Costing report.
You get the idea.

Is there a programme matching what I want out there?

An effective use of bookmarking will accomplish what you seek without having to install another application. You can create directories and subdirectories with your browser’s bookmarks application.

For Firefox users [ Bookmarks | Organize Bookmarks ] and then select the [ Organize ] button allows you to create new bookmarks, folders and separators. You can also sort, move, and even add a sort of data record to each bookmark entry.

You can do the same thing in IE.

And the website you were looking for is here:
The thread was here: How big does Jupiter look from the surface of Io? - Factual Questions - Straight Dope Message Board

Firefox 3 has an advanced and highly efficient bookmarking scheme which may be rather advantageous to what you want to accomplish: Firefox browser features

You could use an online social bookmarking site like to keep track of your bookmarks. With effective tagging you will be able to jump straight to the bookmark you are looking for and it is available no matter where you log in from.

If you switch between different browsers on the same computer, or different computers, you can also find bookmark manager programs that store all your bookmarks in a centralized location. Here is a list of bookmark managers:

Heh. The OP specifically says he does not want bookmarking.

From what I gather, what he’s looking for is a way to save content from a web page - ie the actual page itself, not a link to the page.

You can use “Save as” from the file menu, but you’ll get various results. Pages tend to consist of images and such that will not come through when you save the HTML.

I think the closest to what you might be looking for is a screen shot. Just hit your print screen button, then open whatever application you want (Windows Paint, or Word, or a lot of others) and paste it in there. Save it wherever you like.

Well, not his first example, which was “For example, there was a link to an application posted in this forum, that allowed you to input an angle, date and planet, and see the view from that planet (you could look at Europa from Jupiter etc). Unfortunately, I deleted my history and I can’t find it again.” In that case, saving the content of the webpage won’t help at all.

Athena suggests screenshots, but instead I would suggest using the File->Print command saving to a .PDF file (this is a built-in feature for Macintosh OS X, you can find free “print to .PDF” print drivers for other operating systems). But also many modern web browsers will allow you to save a webpage including the pictures etc. in a “webarchive” type of file that has the HTML text and the graphics files shown on the webpage.

Yes I know they didn’t want bookmarks but unfortunately, that’s the best way to achieve the results they want. Saving pages themselves only works for static content (and the example they mention is a dynamic web page) and anything that depends on the server will be useless. Screenshots are only going to be effective if they were going to be bookmarking a short article or an image. Bookmarks are still the best way to save lots of web content (as long as they remain online, and if they don’t, then it’s usually that will be most helpful).

The “Save As Web Page: Complete” option (may have different names on different browsers) will include saving a directory of images.

However, I’m not sure if web applications like the one in the OP are saveable to your local machine.

Just to clarify, it was a way of storing links that I want (but the PDF suggestion could come in handy for something else).

My problem with bookmarking is that I may have to transfer my bookmarks to a new computer in the near future, and that isn’t easy to do with normal bookmarking, and I don’t want to start all over again. Social bookmarking looks like that may be what I want.

Thanks for the link to the Nasa site, that was exactly what I was looking for.

Most browsers provide ways to export/import bookmarks. Also, for Firefox, your bookmarks are stored in a single file called bookmarks.html in your profile directory. If you like, you can simply exit the browser and copy that file. You can also open it directly with the browser, and view the whole mess as a big page of links. The latter is handy for viewing Firefox bookmarks in another browser or a different Firefox installation, without importing them.

Since the demise of Google Sync, I have used foxmarks to synchronise my bookmarks across multiple computers. Works a treat.