Best way to sell extra Radiohead tickets for SkyDome ?

I’m not trying to make a profit, just selling extra tickets at face value. What the best way to offer these for sale that is most likely to find a willing buyer ? ie: how do I find/communicate with Radiohead fans that want to get tickets for the Toronto concert ?

Ebay was suggested, but I don’t want to risk losing money on the tickets, but I also don’t want to be accused of scalping.


I would go with e-bay and set the minimum at the price you paid for them.

You could try calling the concierge at the hotel at the Skydome. Concierges often deal with people who want tickets, and they have to get them somewhere.

I might well buy those tickets. Send me an e-mail with dates and prices, please.

Scalping is legal in Toronto (at least is was when I was there).

Have you tried any of the Radiohead fansites? I’d start with the tickets forum of As long as you’re not scalping, they should be friendly (this is assuming, of course, that our own Dr_Paprika can’t use them).

Well, if you can’t get one of our esteemed Dopers to bite, I might suggest Toronto’s Craigslist bulletin board. I’ve had good experiences buying (but not selling) tickets on my hometown board, and it seems like their “tickets for sale” section has several other folks with extras.

Have a good show… :slight_smile:


Dr_Paprika: I don’t have your email, so this was the only way to contact you:
Wed Oct 15, SkyDome “Concert Hall” setup (ie: stage at pitching mound/2nd base, facing home plate).
Sec 117, Row 16, Seats 1&2. Face value is $57, however, with ticketmaster surcharges, the tickets are $70 each.
I hope you can use them, thanks.
PS: I have other interested people, so first one to reply gets them.