best way to syphon petrol (gasoline)?

my car got wriiten off afew days ago but it has over 3/4 tank of petrol still. how can i get it out? would a piece of garden hose work? do i suck on the end to start it off or put my finger over the end and jab the hose in, releasing my finger when it’s in deep?

Inexpensive drill pumps that affix to electric drills for pumping fluids from point a to b might be a less hazardous solution.


Whoa! I should have saved the breath mint for afterwards!


A garden hose will work, Nobium.And sucking on it will work, but you will very likely get a mouthful of gas.
The second method you mentioned will work too, but it requires a little co-ordination. You have to plunge one end of the hose(uncovered) into the gas and cover the other end with your thumb as you pull it out, making sure the end in the tank doesn’t rise above the gas. Repeat till gas flows, it’s been a while but I think about 5 or 6 times should do it.

thanks Donkey