Best way to treat cactus prickles in skin?

I had to dig a spare house key out of a hiding place in a window box and in the process I rubbed my hand against a small cactus. It’s red and itchy. I put cortisone cream on it but it doesn’t help much. I think some prickles are embedded in my skin. Suggestions?

Bright light, magnifying glass, tweezers.
A duct tape peel job might work as well, but I’ve never tried that.

Small straight spines are not the problem some barbed ones are. Some barbed ones will work their way through to the other side if left in. Now that the spine are all broke off, your mostly out of luck. Next time get out the man’s general helper (duct tape), and use it across the spines in your hand. you’ll get more of them right away. You could try a drawing salve on particular spots. They seem to9 be rejected from the body in about a week when I get on in my hand.

Petro carbo salve is a drawing salve and will bring out slivers and such nicely. You may have to check out a few pharmacies to find it. It’s excellent stuff.

Link with good picture.

You can put a layer of white liquid school glue on on your hand when it first happens, and do a peel off when dry.

I tried the glue and it seems to have worked. Thanx!

Your welcome.

Good to see that plain old white glue works. Score one for cheap, non-toxic and probably already in your home solutions.

Another method that I saw on one of those “Stories from the ER” type TV shows was to use leg/bikini wax. IIRC, it was very effective at taking out a bejillion of those nearly invisible thorns.