Best ways to use up a tub of plain whole milk yoghurt

This weekend I was inspired by the thread about ways to use up heavy whipping cream. I was not the thread starter of that thread, but coincidentally I also had some cream in the fridge that I needed to use up. So I made chicken tikka masala tonight.

Except I bought a 32 ounce tub of plain yoghurt to make the marinade, but I only used a cup of it. So now I have a bunch of yoghurt I need to use up.

I guess I could use it as a substitute for sour cream in a stroganoff or something.

Or I could get some granola and berries and have parfait for breakfast .

But I am looking for other ideas that I might not have thought of.

Tandoori chicken, top a baked potato, tzatziki sauce or raita

Good thing about yogurt is that it at least lasts longer than cream. I only throw mine away when it starts growing mould.

I use mine for:

  • a breakfast bowl with fruit and / or granola.
  • I add 3-4 tablespoons to my dough when making flatbreads/naan - makes them light and fluffy.
  • Add mint and / or fresh coriander as a side for curries
  • add harissa paste as a side for any kind of middle eastern / turkish grilled meats
  • add lemon juice and horseradish sauce as a salad dressing - great with grilled salmon too
  • add curry paste and marinade chicken or salmon
  • as part of a marinade for lamb or chicken sharwama
  • many indian curries include yogurt to finish the sauce

same here, my response to my more careful wife is “it’s already gone off on purpose, how much worse can it be?” The mould and sniff test is the way to go.

I personally don’t get the standard yoghurt but rather go with the strained greek version.
When I make my own I end up with something the consistency of normal plain yoghurt and then strain it through muslin to thicken it up.

I find it keeps better and is a better consistency for my cooking preferences.

Also, top tip, the whey that is strained off is perfect as an egg substitute when baking. My daughter is allergic to egg so that gets potted and frozen ready for use.

I like yoghurt with honey. :grinning:

Things I use yogurt for:

every single day, for breakfast (my invariable breakfast is rolled oats, fruit, nuts, yogurt, sometimes with a splash of maple syrup if the fruit isn’t very sweet.

Substitute one for one in any recipe calling for buttermilk, such as biscuits and pancakes.

Substitute one for one in any recipe calling for sour cream. Such as accompanying borscht, latkes, spicy refried beans, curries.

We go through a gallon in a couple weeks, usually. Yogurt is endlessly useful.

Is your mayonnaise jar low? Put some in there.

I like mixing in dry unsweetened cocoa to make a chocolate dessert. You can add frozen mixed berries, honey or maple syrup, a splash of vanilla or pistachios. Or all of them. But the plain old tiny bowl of yogurt with a spoonful of good cocoa is my go to.

Put some in a bowl and eat it. I had ~1cup of plain yogurt for breakfast today along with a tangerine, and PB & toast.

Blend with fruit and some juice or water. Makes a great smoothie.

I like my plain whole milk yogurt with maple syrup, pomegranates, and bran buds.

One cup good pancake mix (I use Birkett Mills’ buckwheat)
One egg
One cup plain yogurt (probably not the Greek style)
One cup fruit, fresh or frozen: whole if small berries, diced if apples or pears or some such

If too dry, add a bit more yogurt, or a bit of juice from the fruit if applicable
If too sloppy, add a bit more pancake mix

Cook in whatever you usually cook pancakes in. I use butter.

ETA: if that’s too much batter, either leftover pancakes or leftover batter, refrigerated, will be usable for the next several days, though neither will be as good as on the first day.