Best web sites for identifying books, movies, etc.

(besides the Dope, of course).

We’ve all been there, trying to identify a book (or movie, or whatever) from vague recollections many years old. What are the best dedicated, or semi-dedicated, free sites available for this purpose?

For books, I prefer BookSleuth over on

I know other people prefer Loganberry for that - but Abebooks is free and I like the format better.

IMDB has a feature where you can search by plot, if that’s all you remember. It’s helped me a couple times.

IMDB also has a message board with a forum called I Need to Know. It is designed especially for posting those fragmented memories, and having the experts offer suggestions for what they might be.

I never miss a chance to plug this website. It’s primarily for children’s books, but I’ve also seen adult works on it. My sister and I have located several books with their help, and I ID’d one myself. There’s a small fee to post a book your’e looking for, but when you’ve racked your brain to no avail, this site is a wonder.