Best whisk(e)y

Single malt: Talisker. Somewhere between the oily Irish pot mash and the Lowland malty whispers lies Talisker. “The lava of the Cullens” to be sure.
Bourbon: Old Rip Van Winkle, the 105 proof sleeping giant awakens!
Blended: Dewars. Can’t tell you why, it just goes down that way.

Single malt: Laphroaig. “The most richly flavoured of all Scotch whiskies”

Crown Royal

I have always liked Glenlivet for a single malt scotch. However, I am beginning to feel that the taste is a little thin (read “my taste is beginning to exceed my pocketbook”).

I recently sample an 18 year old Knockander and a 21 year old Benevie (spelling?). Both are Speyside scotches and had similar tastes. But the Benevie was like liquid gold. I don’t think I have ever had anything so smooth.


The best single-malt scotch (and best liquid overall) I’ve ever tried was Glenlivet 12 year, but that’s out of a field of two, so my opinion is not exactly based on much. I’ll be trying some Laphroig at the earliest possible opportunity.

Aside from scotch, my personal favourite is Wild Turkey 101 proof. Harsh, but remarkably refined. Gentleman Jack is pretty good as well, but a bit too mellow for my taste. Actually, the Glenlivet was a bit on the easygoing side as well, which is why I want to try the Laphroig.

Several years ago, I engaged in Comparative Alcohol Domestic Analysis (i.e., I poured a shot of each in my living room and tasted them – neat) using Glenlivet 12-year-old and Laphroaig 10-year-old. I found the Laphroiag to be smoother, and to be more flavourful. IIRC, it’s a shade darker too.

Your mileage may vary.

Drambuie - The Isle of Skye Liqueur since 1745

Drambuie? Don’t drink that stuff, kid. It will rot your teeth.

For the scotch, I agree with Johnny. Laphroaig is called for on all special occasions.

Normal daily choice is Jameson’s. I am partial to a nice simple Irish whiskey. It also fits my income better.

How do you pronounce “Laphroaig”?


I think that Laphroaig is pronounced laugh-fro-agg with the accent on the 2nd syllable.

I take it that none of you has ever tried Oban. Not medicinal like Talisker or Laphroaig, and not insipid like Dalwhinnie. Unique and wonderful. About $50 Cdn for a 26 oz’er.

Cragganmore if you’re looking for an aroma so thick you can almost (literally) taste it.

I. W. Harper Kentucky Bourbon.
A Bourbon so smooth…
The Bourbon that shipped it’s yeasts and such to Canada during Prohibition (so it’s the Bourbon that really can trace it’s history before 1933).
Don’t worry, Mothers of River City. You’re kids won’t get a chance to test my temtation.
Try to get Harper’s anymore. At least try to get it in most of the U.S.
The Japanese seem to have decided that Harper’s is as good as I know it is. And they’re willing to pay a lot more per bottle than I ever did.
So they get it!
And I get a memory.

Best I’ve ever had: Booker’s 7-year 126 proof.

I hear Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 20-year 90.4 proof is better, tho.

My Scottish barman (and chairman of the Swedish Whisky Society) pronounces it lafroi’g.

The distillery itself says it’s pronounced La-froyg.

Single Malt: I agree with KG- Cragganmore
Bourbon: Old Fitzgerald - I know it’s commercial and all, but I like it. It’s not as sweet as most bourbons are.
Overall Favorite- Black Bush

If it weren’t for bourbon I wouldn’t drink any whiskey.
I like any proof Wild Turkey or Jim Beam, but basically, if it’s bourbon (and its NOT Ezera Brooks) I’ll drink it. Ezera Brooks bourbon is awful!

I have to agree with ricepad that bookers is pretty damn good. One of the best though? Old potrero. The only 100% rye whiskey. It’s done here in SF. mmmmm

Scotches: Glen Morangie or MacClellans. 'Nuff said.

You all seem quite experienced, so let me put another question. What would you say is the best value in scotch–the best taste for the least money, to put it bluntly.

(I’m also a Laphroiag fan, BTW, in case that would influence your advice.)

Jack Daniels’ (not that I know personally, being 18 ;))