Best/Worst Kiss makeup

Which Kiss member has the coolest makeup job and which has the lamest?

Gene Simmons (the Demon)
Paul Stanley (the Starchild)
Ace Frehley (the Spaceman)
Peter Criss (the Catman)
My picks:

Best: Simmons
Worst: Criss

Seconded. But remember, those were not the only four members of the band. I think the bear guy was the worst.


Oh, wait. Abbath wasn’t in KISS. :smiley:

Vinnie Vincent’s ankh-based makeup = cool
Eric Carr’s fox makeup = not so much

I actually like Peter Criss’s, but I have a feline bias.

Gene’s is the most iconic, of course.

I think Ace’s is the worst - the silver glittery makeup that is the bulk of it jars with the primarily black and white look of the others.

Around the time those four matching solo LPs came out, I always wanted to see them displayed with the oft-overlooked fifth KISS member added.

Huh, I always thought the later members took on the personas (and makeup stylings) of the members they replaced.

Happy, not the most well-informed (or die-hard) Kiss fan in the world

Simmons’ is the only one that looks good but the rest, in order, are Frehley, Stanley, and Criss.