Best/worst superpowers to become anonymously rich

If you want to remain anonymous, luck is the way to go- especially if it’s fine tuned enough that it keeps people from noticing how lucky you are. Also has the benefit of being zero effort.
Besides that, how about time travel? Manage to successfully hide one Vermeer and you’ll be obscenely wealthy, not to mention all the compound interest and stock market games you can play.
Super strength, speed, toughness and the like would make you an incredible athlete, as long as you hold back enough to keep it plausible. Maybe tiger woods actually has super aim.

One rule, if you ever discover that you have a super power, never assume that you are the only one. In other words, don’t do anything that would attract the negative attention of other super powers, or powerful people who may have connections to them.

So, blackmailing CEO’s and the like is out. It’s not unethical, but it could be dangerous.

I’m sure in a world where superpowers are a rare secret, someone developing something and using it for a more or less ethical one and done get rich scheme would be overlooked or forgiven. Using it as an ongoing enterprise in blackmail, theft, or extortion could attract unwanted attention.

That said, I would say the best would be some sort of either mind reading or x-ray vision. Then go play poker at mid stakes tables at your local casino. You can easily clear thousands a night without attracting too much attention. Avoid the temptation to get greedy and move to high stakes tables, as that is where other powerful people will be watching out.

Slow To Age Man! has been sitting on the couch watching tv from the moment there were couches, and TVs. He’ll live another 500 years or so and doesn’t have a social security number because they didn’t exist when he was born.

Compound interest does the rest.

He has a ward, Trust Fund Baby.

It might take a little while to amass a decent amount of precious metals and stones, but if you can keep making them and you are only looking to live the high life without buying buildings or countries then this is a good approach.

Of course the best approach is the power to make your bank balance increase at will.

Oh yeah. I’d say flight.

Hard to use it at all if you want to keep it a secret. Even harder to do something profitable.

Not even all that useful as some sort of cat burglar type of thing, as there are cameras everywhere, and you are sure to be spotted eventually if not sooner.

That’s basically stealing, though. The bank has to have capital to back all the deposits. To all those robbing banks, etc.:

Also, I don’t know of any super-hacking powers. I guess you could just use the reality gem from the Infinity Gauntlet to change the world so that you’re an anonymous billionaire in it.

How about use your super intelligence to quietly mine bitcoins? Either by solving the problem directly or creating a better algorithm to solve it? Plus, you’d be protecting the world from all those bitcoin-mining greenhouse gases.

Ok, I’ll just stick with the ability to turn nothing into gold and gemstones then.

Seems pretty benign, unless you overwhelm the market with them. I guess you’re diluting other’s value a little, but it would be pretty spread out.

With online trading in stocks, options and other securities, all you’d need is the ability to see 15 minutes into the future. Trade modest amounts, be wrong 30 percent of the time to allay suspicion, and you could still make millions a month.

Try this idea: don’t go for rich in the conventional sense, but merely (!) be able to obtain anything desired at the moment. The problem with rich is that any stack of bills or valuables worthy of the name will still require some amount of protection and management, probably too much trouble. So only go for the pleasures of the day. Solution: some kind of Zelig-like ability to be an engaging short-time companion, otherwise forgettable and forgotten. Anyone in the bar will buy you a drink and a meal because you look like a good listener (any you do have a great skill at seeming to listen); any lady or guy will invite you to stay the night because you look comfortable and nice enough – and they will only have the vague feeling of a pleasant dream by lunch time the next day.

It might be worth trying to set some parameters: how rich are we trying to get? What ways are there to obtain that much wealth?

According to the OP, we want a mansion and to be able to roll around in our money, but we also want to remain relatively anonymous. That would preclude becoming too wealthy - Warren Buffet levels of wealth attract attention all on their own even without the use of superpowers to obtain them. I’m going to set the target as at least $100-500M. That’s enough to support more or less any extravagance, up to private jet on standby to go anywhere you want, but shouldn’t be so much as to attract too much attention. According to wiki on ultra high-net-worth individuals there are only a few thousand people worth more than $500M, but when you move into the low hundreds of millions there are a few tens of thousands.

So how can we obtain this much wealth? Well, let’s break it down. We can obtain wealth that already exists, or we can create it out of thin air. To obtain already-existing wealth, we can either take it directly (theft) or indirectly (gambling, lotteries, stock market). The indirect methods are all zero-sum, so by utilizing them we are depriving other people of wealth just as surely as if we robbed them outright. If we make millions from day-trading, we’re taking those millions from other people’s retirement investment funds and the like. The exception to this is buy-and-hold stock market action, where we’d be riding on the coattails of other people who are actually creating wealth, but this is not a quick strategy. You need to figure out what company is the next Apple/Amazon whatever and buy in early and then wait for them to explode in value.

I was going to conclude that if we care about ethics we should therefore look at how we might actually create wealth, but I think there is potentially a case to be made that gambling could be ethical if you ensured that the loser in your gambling was always the casino. Depriving a casino of wealth that the casino obtained by depriving its customers (marks) of wealth doesn’t seem as bad as cleaning out the pockets of everyone else at the poker table.

Anyways, on to creating wealth. Various superpowers might be useful in producing valuable physical objects ex nihilo or close to it. Superman, for example, even if he can’t materialize a block of platinum out of nothing, could fly to an asteroid and collect some high-grade ore. Someone with phasing ability like Kitty Pryde could go prospecting for precious metals underground. This might be one of the best methods, actually. Find yourself some gold or platinum deposits, dig a few out just as a prospector to fund a mining startup, open your own mine which you can point at some good veins with far more certainty than your competitors, and make money legitimately with no need to launder anything. If you get impatient, you can flit through some nearby mountains to grab some particularly juicy chunks of ore and salt your own mine with them. This should easily get you into rolling in the money territory, but might struggle to reach the hundreds of millions range without a lot of effort, and even potentially distorting the market for whatever commodity you’re producing.

The other way to create a lot of wealth is to produce the next must-have consumer item, or the next critical technological breakthrough that will enable transforming products in multiple categories. That is, you can invent the next iPhone, or you can invent the next ultra-transistor that would transform the microchip market. You could invent the next Tesla Model 3, or you could invent working fusion power generation. The problem with all these is that they’re not easy even with superpowers, and they’d tend not to be anonymous. It’s one thing to use super-intelligence to invent fusion power or the smart-phone-replacing brain implant. It’s quite another to turn that invention into your wealth. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates weren’t dullards by any stretch, but their genius wasn’t primarily in technical wizardry. It was being driven businessmen who could leverage a small technical advantage into a huge marketplace advantage that turned Microsoft and Apple into behemoth corporations. On the plus side, there’s very little in the way of a wealth ceiling here. The founder and CEO of General Fusion could potentially make Jeff Bezos look like a pauper.

I’m thinking that in terms of anonymity, prospects for decent if not obscene wealth, and reasonably low effort levels, the phasing prospector/mining startup has the most promise. After a bit of initial effort, you can delegate nearly all the work. And heck, phasing should also all you to do the ‘deprive casinos of their wealth’ thing if you decide that’s ethical, although you’d have to go Ocean’s 11 on the casino instead of getting lucky at roulette.

Only if you consider some methods for stealing from robber barons to be unethical, which I really, really don’t. They’d be an exception to my general “don’t mind control people” rule.
Ditto for stealing from any finance firm that benefited from crisis bailouts. If I could, say, directly interface with their computers like Cyborg or Freakazoid, then I’d have no ethical qualms about doing that.

I just wouldn’t do it to enrich myself, like in the OP.

For that, I’d want one of the Omega-level powers, and just make the world always have been that way. If you’re Legion or Franklin Richards, you can end world hunger, global warming and Covid, walk away a billionaire, and nobody need ever know your name or even what you did.

I always thought it a bit assholish that Superboy didn’t set up Pa Kent in the industrial diamond business, instead of letting him toil away in that store.
And Peter Parker, always hurting for money when he could be the greatest baseball player in history.

If you had the power of replication, you could replicate all the paper currency in circulation. This has the benefit that most of the bills are used, meaning you no longer have to jump through hoops to age the bills in order to avoid suspicion, like what happened in Operation Bernhard.

Then open a casino and launder the cash through there (not sure if that falls afoul of the ethics requirement though). I don’t think many people bother to know who the owner of a mid-sized casino is.

The hard part is finding a place which can store all that cash secretly, and without damage to the bills.

New idea: a telekinetic could make the lottery balls drop to match the numbers on the ticket you already bought.

If you could see into the past you could find all sorts of lost/missing things.

Where did a galleon full of gold sink? No problem! Where was Osama Bin Laden hiding? Turn him in to the FBI for the $10,000,000 reward! (raising arizona) In a re-ward situation they usually say no questions asked.(/raising arizona)

For the anonymity:

If you could create paper trails and modify memories, you could add yourself to a wealthy but reclusive family.

“Where did I get my money? I’m a distant relative to JFK. I didn’t inherit his charisma, so you never see me in public.”

You could own small bits of numerous income-generating companies. (I mean, it’s a real life strategy! Even if they figure out who you are, nobody will think you’re hacking reality.)

Just don’t leave any pieces of your clothes around the crime scene.

Or just a roulette wheel. Should be pretty straight forward to earn a bucketload of cash without raising too much suspicion, if you split your winnings among different casinos and lose a bit of money along the way. The high roller treatment you’d get from the Casino while they try convince you to stay until your “luck” runs out will be fun too.

If you can pre-cog even just a minute or two into the future, gambling: play roulette, make various random bets, lose a bit more than you win, then drop a large bet on 00 when it is about to come up. A bit of work waiting on it, but not bad. Do the same on blackjack - you aren’t actually counting cards, so your bets wouldn’t show any pattern - you just happen to hold on 16 a lot when the dealer is going to bust (and win more than your share of doubles).

Not sure how to make this work with mind-control, but I’ve thought that if I had wish, I’d wish to have randomly selected group of 100 Venmo accounts selected from the top 10,000 sending me a random amount of money between 50-100 dollars on a random day of the month. Re-select the 100 each month and repeat. Not much pain to any individual person, and I think small enough transactions (and numbers) to avoid a bank audit. +/-$7500 a month isn’t mansion money, but you could certainly live a good life on it.