Best/worst superpowers to become anonymously rich

Or “I’ve been playing golf all my life, and finally my friends and family convinced me to go pro.”

And what would be the serial numbers on those bills?

AAaaa The Fonz and the Feds are like this (crossed fingers) while I’m gettin’ it on with Louise Linton eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh*.

*Canuck variant.

Depends on where they come from - if they are fresh from the printing room prior to counting/shipping, no problem. And if they are duplicates, so long as they are non-sequential what difference does it make? Even if the Federal Reserve checks the serial numbers of the bills it is shredding (seems unlikely), they are going to have been circulating for months before anyone is going to have any reason to check into it.

Professor X-style psychic powers. Just compel everyone to give you everything you want and not care.

That was the downfall in some story or other I read in the past couple of years. The alien or genie or whatever who was generating the cash simply copied the original bill. Before too long, someone noticed a glut of bills with the same serial number and Trouble Ensued.

Better to go to the bank and get a bunch of cash, and duplicate that as a set, however many times you like, and never spend money from more than one stack in the same transaction.

The real problem with being able to duplicate cash, though, is you’re fairly limited as to what you can purchase. It’s hard to buy a house with cash, or a car. And you can’t deposit large amounts of cash into a bank without getting Unwanted Attention due to the anti-money-laundering laws.

Cash-generating powers are best used to supplement visible earnings. Work a regular job that pays enough to pay the rent / mortgage, and buy everything else with your funny money. Groceries, clothing, etc. Pay the utilities in person using cash, or via postal money order. Even a low(ish) paid job would then leave enough left over to save. I would bet that I could retire comfortably in a year or two (from my current status) if I could do that. Luxuriously, if I’d started doing it 10 years ago.

It’s not the way to quick riches without effort, but that approach is likely the safest, for cash-copying powers.

I wonder what that would do the the climate, though? Would the moisture be enough to affect the weather locally, or “downstream”?