Better AMC series: MAD MEN or BREAKING BAD?

Show your work, of course.

I think Breaking Bad is better. I’m not sure how to explain it, and perhaps it’s because it’s contemporary, but I feel that Mad Men endeavors to make a statement on the 60’s and social upheaval in a way that’s more… contrived? It’s more stylized and that’s great, but I connect more with Breaking Bad because it’s plausible to me… I know people like that.

I watch both shows, but I have a whole lot more fun watching Breaking Bad than I do watching Mad Men.

I wouldn’t miss watching either show even though we had to “catch up” on both of them via Netflix after we heard how good they are. Both shows have their weaknesses, but their strengths far outweigh them. I voted for Breaking Bad because the angles and twists it makes away from straight-line story-telling are more clever and better executed. However, both shows are in my Top Five among the 15-20 shows I keep up with these days.

It really depends on your criteria. Mad Men is incredibly well written, is full of social comentary and highly polished. By most standards Mad Men is one of the best shows ever made. The main con for Mad Men is that I find it unremittingly depressive.

I agree that Breaking Bad is much more ‘fun’. On the other hand it’s quality varies wildly, with my personal bug-bear being characters doing completely inexplicable things without any attempt at justification by the script writer. Too frequent lapses into cliche are also a problem, as is the wild tonal fluctuations (the second half of season 2 was lapsing into farce, while season 1 & 3 are generally very dark).

But for all of these failings I LOVE Breaking Bad with all my heart. If you had said ‘favourite’ Breaking Bad would have it easily, but I’m not sure I can honestly say it’s ‘better’ than Mad Men. Tough call :slight_smile:

Foolish koot of a Skald, thou hast removed a coherent choice, mainly thusly:

I USED to watch Breaking Bad but still watch Mad Men and therefore can say that Mad Men is better.

If you’re going to speak in archaic language, you shouldn’t say coherent.

Mad Men bores me to tears, and Breaking Bad is awesome. In my opinion.

Sorry. Crumulent choice.

That’s TWO.

Breaking Bad is more of a thriller than Mad Men. It ups the ante like no other show I know. The last two episodes of Breaking Bad were brilliant in terms of raising and maintaining tension until the last second of the show. And that’s not even mentioning the last scene from “One Minute.”

I still love Mad Men and would never miss an episode.

perspicuus. From Latin defined as transparent, bright, clear, or evident.

Full count, bases loaded, swings it out of the park. Ender wins the penant! Ender wins the penant!

Huh. I only watch MAD MEN but I may have to jump on this BREAKING BAD train via Netflix.

I voted for “I only watch BREAKING BAD but feel confident in saying that it’s better,” but I have watched a few episodes of Mad Men, then I stopped.

To me, they’re equally great. Two of the best shows on TV. I’m just glad they’re not on at the same time on the same night (same network, so that’d be impossible of course…split screen? Double exposure?) so I don’t have to choose one over the other.

The choice is similar to two favorite foods like chicken and steak. Both great, and IMO, no need to choose one over the other. Have one one night, the other the next night.

I watch both and was late to the Breaking Bad party but now I’m all caught up.

I love Breaking Bad but I just find it to be very slllooowww at times. It may be because that’s the writer’s way of creating tension and I can’t deal with the tension.

BB is like a roller coaster and MM is like a nice ride in a well-made car. I’m not big on roller coasters, in a literal sense.

Breaking Bad is trying to be for the current generation what The Godfather movies were for my generation. What amazes me is that it’s succeeding–and then some.

My prediction: Watch for Walt to kill Walt, Jr. How else they can top Michael killing Fredo?

I watched the first season of Breaking Bad and felt no particular desire to watch more. While it was a pretty fun crime show, I’ve seen a lot of crime shows, and the ground Breaking Bad broke wasn’t enough to interest me. Especially with the cringeworthy moments, e.g., the ebay handjob in the pilot. I felt about the same love for it as I felt for Weeds: fun, but not compelling.

Mad Men, on the other hand, is totally compelling for me. The characters are all interesting, the dialog is often drily hilarious, the acting is top-notch (except for Betty, in which case the casting is pitch-perfect), and the costuming is lovely. It’s among my favorite shows.

I keep meaning to pick up with Mad Men after season 1, but am unsure if I will, unless it’s streamed cheap on Amazon. It’s an excellent program, but like Baboonanza says, it’s just not as much fun to me as BB. I can’t root for Don Draper or any other MM character as much as BB’s Hank & Marie, or even Jessie.

However, Don Draper has the best line of the two shows when a beatnick attacks his capitalist ways, asking “How do you sleep at night?” “On a big pile of money.” he fires back, not even bothering to look his accuser’s way.

This site has a postscipt that I had forgotten about:

“To that same hipster later, when said hipster fears the cops out in the hallway might catch them smoking dope and whines, ‘We can’t go out there!’ Don, putting on his fedora mutters, ‘You can’t go outside. I can.’ He then nods to the cops outside as he walks past them, unmolested.”

I feel absolutely justified in saying it’s an apple/orange scenario.

Mad Men has a better overall “look.” (Don’t sneer, TV is a visual medium.) Mad Men has a stronger ensemble cast. It’s storytelling has a detached feel to it. It’s clever. It’s “cool.”

Breaking Bad is much more emotional. The plots are far more action-driven. The Walt/Jesse relationship overshadows everything else. It’s in your face. It’s “hot.”