Better Business Bureau / SAG question

If I have a complaint against an e-tailer and want to contact the BBB or SAG, do I do it in the state I’m in (and the purchase was made from) or the state the company is head-quartered in, or both?

Did you buy a defective actor?

State Attorney General

ETA: I thought all actors were defective?

After getting burned on one purchase, i checked it out. Most sites have a ‘‘Contact us’’ button. Get their name and home city. Go to Put the info in and get a report.

You should file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office of a state that has jurisdiction over the company.

Don’t bother with the BBB. It’s just a company that provides a rating of other companies. Over the years I’ve had about 4 people threaten to file complaints with the BBB (all followed through) and we responded to all and in each case the BBB ruled that the company had made “every reasonable effort to accommodate the customer”. As far as I know this is their way of saying the customer was wrong, but maybe they actually have a ruling acknowledging the company is in the right.

Point is, we’re still rated a C because I refuse to give the BBB confidential information like how many employees we have. They also try to push some kind of paid nonsense. So there’s no incentive to participate with them at all. I can’t rule out the possibility that potential customers have checked our rating and been driven away but I can say that of our many thousands of customers who have asked all manner of stupid question before making a purchase none has ever asked about our BBB report. So, it’s just not an effective retaliation against a dishonest business.

Fuzzy is correct w/regard to the BBB as it has absolutely no authority to right any wrong. The BBB is more about collecting dues from its members than anything else. I know, my company maintains a membership.

BTW, a few years ago I wanted to have my garage floor epoxy-coated. At the time, there were only a few companies doing it. I chose the one who was a BBB member. The job got screwed up and a week later he was out of business. Assume nothing when a company is a BBB member. All it takes to join is $$$.

BTW (Part Deux), Dunn and Bradstreet is also a scam.

I’ll concentrate on the AG for the business’ state (Ohio in this case.)

UPDATE: Shortly after letting the e-tailer know I would be filing a complaint with the AG I received very apologetic reply stating that they would be happy to refund my money or replace my order.

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Congratulations on the happy outcome.