Better Call Saul, Season 4

. . .starts tomorrow! Didn’t see another thread on this, so this could be the omnibus thread for this season, if that’s what’s wanted.

At the end of last season, during Talking Saul, Vince was on. Chris made some comment about Chuck’s fate and Vince, as Vince does said ‘we’ll see’.
Now from watching all of Breaking Bad and listing to the Breaking Bad podcast, Vince always said he liked to paint himself into a corner. He said, regularly, if we don’t know how to get out of a tight situation, the audience doesn’t either (that is, it can’t be predictable). Part of me hopes there’s a little twist here since what I saw in the preview seemed pretty predictable.

Of course, it was just a preview, who knows.
ETA, where do we stand on spoilers. You want this to be an omnibus thread, so spoilers should be just fine.

I don’t care about spoilers, as I don’t look at these sorts of threads until after I’ve seen the episode.

Probably should have a mod change the title to reflect that.

Here’s another BCS Season 4 thread that was started last week.

The description of the episode in the online guide starts off saying

“Jimmy deals with Chuck’s sudden death…”

So that question is already answered.

My DVR recorded a BCS trailer on Friday that definitely confirmed that.

I tried a search, but the function wouldn’t work. I’ll ask a mod to close this one.