Better Call Saul 1.08 "Rico" 3/23/15

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I’d say the strongest part of the episode was the one where Hammlin tells Saul that just because he passed the bar, he can’t hire Saul on as an attorney. Just because his brother is a founder doesn’t mean he can risk hiring a guy who is that age and doesn’t have the pedigree of a “respectable” law school.

Not sure how realistic that is - surely he could promote Saul to paralegal duties instead of the mailroom. Anyways, what made it so strong was the sound of the copier and the lack of dialogue. We know how that meeting was going to go - he’ll be making eternal more copies yet.

We busted out laughing as soon as Jimmy crawled out of that dumpster only to realize the shredded documents were in the recycling bin on the other side.

Another great episode, one of the better ones yet, IMHO. Him and Chuck were really compelling together. Loved the ending.

The music while he was trying to piece together the shredded docs…It was sampled in a track by Hansom Boy Modeling School called “The Truth” I think they played the original track and not the HBMS version but don’t know what it is. Anyone?

Nice, I wonder if that was on purpose? “Coffee Cold” is the original track and the Sampling track is “The Truth” and in that scene Saul was searching for the truth and then his coffee went cold.

Great episode.

Good episode. It was interesting seeing Chuck go outside and not even realize what he’d done. I don’t know how contracts for lawyers work so I don’t know if HHM will take over the case now that it’s a $20 million case. I think there’s just two episodes left and they are supposed to be big ones, so I’m excited to see what happens.

That was a good scene, with the copier making noise and us not being able to hear the conversation until Hamlin opened the door at the end. It might be realistic that they couldn’t hire Jimmy as a lawyer, but I thought it was funny about how big of a dick move that was for Hamlin to go in and interrupt the celebrations for Jimmy passing the bar to tell him that, and to take a piece of cake. Hamlin could have waited until the end of the day, or maybe the next day to tell Jimmy, but instead he had to interrupt the party.

I was feeling so sorry for Jimmy that he couldn’t find the documents and was covered in trash, and then when I saw the recycling bin I cracked up. That was great.

Is it known why of 10 episode titles, 9 are a single word ending with o?

Five was supposed to be “Jello” but the company wouldn’t grant them use of their trademark.

This show gets better and better each week. Sad to hear there’s only two episodes left. I wonder if the work that Mike was asking about will put him in touch with Gus Fring…

I really liked this episode. I really hope Jim gets a win here. Obviously he won’t get a cut of the money some how but I want him to stick it to the arrogant jack ass on the other side who is defending swindling Seniors.

The senior partner at Chuck’s firm makes for a great adversary. So douchey. Like how he told Kim she earned a place in the spot light and then took all the credit for the Kettleman victory.

It’s Hamlin, Hamlin, and McGill. I think the blonde douchey guy is the younger Hamlin. And we’ve seen Chuck. I’m not sure we’ve seen the senior Hamlin yet.

Well assuming the other Hamlin is a parent/son I think you are correct, but everything so far seems to suggest he is the one calling the shots. And I believe there can be more than one senior partner. So he might not be the senior Hamlin, but I believe he’d be considered at least “a” senior partner.

I’m surprised people found this to be one of the better episodes. Perhaps I was not in the best of moods, but is found this to be one of the more boring ones. I like to watch them again after listening to the podcasts - as I always miss something - so perhaps my opinion will change.

Chuck’s place seems unnecessarily dark - even during the daytime. Much of the progress he makes seems to involve that door. It would be nice to see him make it out by the end of the first season. Maybe to some place with lots of windows…

I’m wondering if he really took the bar, or if he somehow cheated. I found it surprising that Chuck
had no knowledge Jimmy was trying to pass the bar exam.

Oh, and I just love Kim.

I think he took it for real. He is a smart guy, but still took three tries to pass. And he was way too nervous about that letter for it to be a cheat.

A little point I thought was interesting, from the AV Club writeup: “Fans of Breaking Bad minutiae will remember that Saul had a diploma from this (non-existent) university in his office, but with the name ‘Saul Goodman’ on it.” So is there a way to explain this other than broken continuity? Could Jimmy have actually legally changed his name, and then asked the university to give him a new diploma under his new name? Or if Saul was just a nom de lawyer, could he have dummied up a version of the diploma with Saul Goodman on it–and if so, would that be legal?

Why wouldn’t he get a cut of the money? Surely part of class-action lawsuit payouts go to paying the lawyers?

Yes, that is going to be a source of conflict. There was some foreshadowing when Kim mentioned Chuck’s partnership obligation, and Jimmy played it off as “pro bono work.” That ain’t gonna fly. Hamlin is going to want his cut, and I get a feeling Jimmy is going to get screwed again.

Jimmy is on the path of good. I can’t wait to see what makes him say “fuck it” and turn into Saul. Maybe Hamlin screws him out of the money and (more importantly) the credit for the class action suit.

I’m just assuming that circumstances will somehow make it so he doesn’t get the money because that would make him a multi millionaire at a time when we know he isn’t.

My prediction: Jimmy gets fucked out of participation in the $20 million lawsuit by Hamlin; Jimmy works out an underhanded, nasty way of taking revenge (probably involving Mike’s help somehow); this method works, and fucks Hamlin but good - but in the process somehow alienates and/or harms his brother and associate friend - and leaves him permanently on the ‘bad side’.

I could of course be totally wrong - would not be the first time. :wink: