Better Call Saul: 1.09 Pimento

First of all, kudos to soonerblue for this post last week:

What a great scene between those two actors at the end. Chuck studied and worked but Jimmy has a natural talent that Jimmy never will. Pure jealousy.

Mike was great too. He’s such a pro.

This ep was such an amazingly good hour of television.

that Chuck never will

Ahem. :wink:

Very well done. :slight_smile:

Wow, that was one of the best hours of TV I’ve seen since, oh, I don’t know, Firefly’s “Out of Gas”, maybe. While I think everyone could pretty much guess how things were going to go with HHM, Chuck’s betrayal, and Jimmy’s obvious pain, hit like a punch to the gut, even seeing it coming. That last scene practically had me in tears.

Meanwhile, another gem in the B plot, with Jonathan Banks’ hilariously deadpan badassery in the parking garage.

“You want one of these guns?”

Speaking of well done, this was what I kept thinking while watching tonight:

Martian Bigfoot nailed it.

This is the best episode of the show so far. The drama when he realizes he’s been betrayed.

And Hammlin…you want to hate Hammlin. His smug looks. The lawyery way he refuses to divulge his reasons. You hate someone who acts that way more than if he had the balls to just say “we can’t have a lawyer without a higher tier degree at this firm” or “I hate your guts”.

As a viewer, I guess I should have realized. When Hammlin says “the partners have decided…”, I should have realized that as a 1/3 or so partner, Chuck would have enormous sway for a decision like that.

Chimp with a machine gun, indeed. We know why he changed his name to Saul Goodman now. A pivotal episode.

And, of course, the Mike segment was awesome. I’d say this was the second best Mike episode of the show, and it’s a close second to the one where he wasted the 2 homicidal cops.

Very well done indeed.

And, yeah. Oh, man. That was one hell of an episode.

Well I sensed this betrayal coming as well. Chuck was always too hesitant in his compliments. The lashing out with the monkey & machine gun thing really hit me though.

Yeah. Great episode. Mike stuff was cool also in the way he is immediately professional as a crook. “Yeah, I looked into this a little on my own time. Plus I’m badass. Totally worth 3 guy’s pay”.

I loved this episode, This is a great show in general.

Mike sure knows what he’s doing. Maybe we need a backstory to his backstory. :wink:

Thanks for the kudos, but DrCube nailed it early on. I didn’t really start thinking seriously about Chuck’s betrayal until after I’d read several reviews and recaps - I’m obsessed I tell ya!

Yep, Chuck never wanted Jimmy anywhere near HHM - except in the mailroom - he doesn’t respect how Jimmy got his law degree, no matter how many years of hard work it took to get it. Jimmy is rough around the edges and just doesn’t have the pedigree. Chuck would forever be worried that Slippin’ Jimmy would pop up. “Chimp with a machine gun” sums up his opinion perfectly.

Jimmy has the makin’s (that’s Okie for talent and drive) to become a formidable laywer, somewhat like his big brother, whose betrayal has now pushed him down a darker road … the underestimated legal counsel for Criminals with a capital C. Hey, who’s better at recognizing a scam than a former scammer?

It will be interesting to see what final straw causes Jimmy to “break bad” … he’s almost there, maybe something concerning Kim … but she already broke his heart and dashed his dreams…

Howard might not be the pr*ck I thought he was - breaking a man’s spirit right next to his congratulatory cake. For all we know, Howard might have been happy to hire Jimmy … he did seem impressed that Jimmy passed the bar, made the “Charlie Hustle” reference …but then Pete Rose is another talented person who couldn’t walk the straight and narrow.

I was impressed that he thought enough of Kim to tell her the truth about who really betrayed Jimmy. Or he was looking on down the road to having to work with a resentful Kim.

Yep, as Jimmy would say, they acted the shit out of that last scene.

I’m barely awake, slugging back coffee … so much to read, but I always start with this group, so glad I found it, you people have been dropping some major knowledge and insight.

Guy who thinks he’s a badass: Here, I’ll make it easy for you.
Mike: You don’t have to make it so easy.

Kim knew about Chuck (presumably after the meeting with Hamlin) and didn’t tell Jimmy. She’s his only/best friend and Jimmy may see that as a betrayal, despite the fact that she didn’t tell him because she knew how bad it would be. This will be the wedge between Jimmy and Kim.

Fantastic episode. Only one more left?

I love watching Mike at work.

And I actually felt sorry for Howard.

Does anyone think now it could be Chuck’s guilt that brought on his psychosis?

I’m just guessing but I think the entire premise of this show was stated in this episode.

“You can have good guys and bad guys.”

“You can have good criminals and bad criminals.”

“You can have good lawyers and bad lawyerss.”

Tonight I believe we saw some of each of them and it was fun!

If I’m correct, then Mike will be the star of the show. But since Saul is the star of the show, I must be wrong. Does that make sense? No! it doesn’t. Therefore, I must be wrong. Shit! I mean, wrong again! Damn it all to Hell! Why am I always wrong again?

I think both Odenkirk and McCean deserve an emmy nod for that last scene.

The look on Jimmy’s face - you could almost see his soul being hurt.

Incredible episode - I’m enjoying this show almost as much as Breaking Bad.

Couldn’t agree more on all your points.

That last scene had me in its clutches.