Better Call Saul 2.05 "Rebecca" 3/14/16

2.01 Switch
2.02 Cobbler
2.03 Amarillo
2.04 Gloves Off

Two minutes!

The Kettleman fiasco!

That old guy’s voice and dark hair aren’t familiar but his hand sure rings a bell.

What do you suppose happened to Rebecca?

I love Mikes reaction to Hector.

and a great Episode all the way through.

I don’t understand the opening scene

why is Jimmy working in the mail room again?

It would have probably been pushing it, but I’d would have been a neat touch if the door to the diner that Hector walked through, had had a bell, like many old diner’s front doors have.

Also, could the real anger and resentment that Chuck has towards Jimmy not be that he skimmed money from his dad’s business, forcing him to sell it and possibly leading to his early death or that he got through law school the “easy” way, at least compared to how Chick did. No, Chuck hates Jimmy cause he has a sense of humor and can make others laugh… and Chuck can’t.

That was a flashback to before Chuck developed his illness.

And he got Rebecca to start telling lawyer jokes too—the ultimate betrayal.

I’d always previously thought that Hector’s timeline was:

serving a life sentence, had a stroke, was given a compassionate release, went to live in the nursing home.

But, in this episode, we see Hector free and pre-stroke, violating the above.

We haven’t yet met Tuco’s parents or the parents of his cousins. If anyone was going to take an interest in Tuco’s welfare, it would’ve been his parents (if still alive). We’ve missed a great opportunity to expand the universe a little.

Hector did have an odd unstable walk.

I remember in BREAKING BAD some people said that the actor who plays Hector spoke Spanish terribly in the flashback scenes. Is his accent believable?

I don’t think that Chuck has the real story on what happened with his father and Jimmy. He has an unrealistic view of how “good” his father is. I think what will be revealed later is some kind of passive coverup by Jimmy- he just didn’t tell Chuck the true story and let Chuck believe what he wanted to believe.

I agree with LVBoPeep - I’m sure that Chuck believes the story he told about their father, but it doesn’t ring true to me. I suspect the money was either Jimmy doing stuff for the father, or the father spending it on things Chuck wouldn’t approve of (maybe bribes or protection money). Also, $14,000 over the course of years (or a decade?) just doesn’t sound like enough to take a business that can afford from ‘can stay in business forever’ to ‘has to fold’. I think we’re going to hear Jimmy’s completely different take on the story when Kim and he come to a head, and she’s not going to believe him.

I agree, it’s probably a case where the dad had somewhat flexible morality like Jimmy does, but Chuck can’t or wouldn’t believe that.

Also, I wonder if Chuck helping out Kim will be part of what drives Jimmy and Kim apart. Jimmy so desperately wants to help her, but she shoots him down because she wants to do it on her own and also doesn’t think his idea is good. But when Chuck offers to talk to Howard she doesn’t say anything. It’s not a betrayal, but Jimmy might see it as one.

Was I the only one who thought the bald, stocky guy from Mesa Verde was SAC Hank Schrader when he was first walking -slightly out of focus - into HH&M?


They did have an “order up” bell just like the one on his wheelchair prominently featured.

I don’t see how anything is violated… it’s simply Hector before either his prison sentence or his stroke.

The stuff with Kim was excellent. Nice to see her get some solo time as a character.

Istm, Chuck was basically saying I’ll talk to Howard but you really should drop Jimmy if you expect to succeed here.

I agree that there is probably more to Jimmy’s embezzling from Dad but it’s not reasonable to think that Chuck is mostly just jealous of Jimmy’s sense of humor. It’s probably aggravating to Chuck that Jimmy gets a pass on his misdeeds because he’s so likeable. Hello?! That’s what makes him a good conman- it doesn’t make him a good person!

I am now moving to the idea that daughter in law is milking Mike. If he is going to let it slide, as it appears, it will explain his lack of reluctance to move deeper into the dark side.