Better Film Music Composer-John B. or John W.

I am a great fan of good film music and I should like some other Dopers views on who is the better composer -John Barry or John Williams ? Because I am a Brit I may be biased but I think John Barry is just that little bit better. Apart from the James Bond themes he has wrote some loverly melodies,including “the Lion in Winter”, “The Last Valley”, “Dances with Wolves” and “Out of Africa”.John Williams has scored some great music as well (“Close Encounters” and “Star Wars” included) but I think John B just edges it

My vote goes to John Barry. Just something about his music that puts you right in the movie …

Do you want music that brings out the emotion of the film or music that you can hum twenty years after seeing the film. JW has written some of the most famous and familar music ever. Indian Jones, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Superman, Close Encounters, Jaws, Schindlers List. Star Wars and Close Encounters went to number one on the pop charts here in the states as singles.

However my vote in for Ennio Morricone