Better off Ted 4/1

3rd Episode and I’m still enjoying it. The second ep was a little week, but this week was fun. And I still have it bad for Andrea Anders (or as I think of her, Andy Andy.)

It was cute. I liked the interaction between Veronica and Rose. Rose wasn’t quite so annoyingly precocious this week. Ted didn’t spend so much time talking to the camera, which I appreciated. I still like the team of Lem and Phil. The two of them in one hazmat suit was a good visual gag, even though I saw it coming a mile away. The fake commercials are great (Family. Yay.).

My one big fear is that it’ll continue to be too much about whether Ted and Linda get into a relationship. I’m already tired of it.

I was glad that they gave up on the Phil-Screaming gag. That annoyed me last week.

No doubt they will keep the romantic tension going, I think it is a law or something. But Linda’s claim of being quite flexible caught *my *attention…