Ted Dansons' new sitcom

Caught this last night – ABC correctly guessed some people would end up watching through sheer inertia after Dancing with the Stars – and laughed several times. How can you not like Ted Danson? And I like Jere Burns also.

The back stories on the members of the group were pretty funny – liked the scene with the daughter and her bf (“Can I just take our picture together here for the guys back in the department?”) – Jane Kazmarek doesn’t do much for me, but she seemed well cast…

I did watch the whole thing, though I’d planned to go wash my hair and go to bed early – but I don’t know if I’d watch if it weren’t on right after Dancing with the Stars.

Anyone else catch it? Whadja think?

I enjoyed it - it’s made the “Weekly” list on my TiFaux. Where do we know the Gay - NOT GAY! - from?

I missed it. It is one of the shows I was going to try this year. For some reason I thought it was on Wednesday nights. I’ll try to record it next week.