better on line news source

Alright I’m really pissed about the crap I have to wade through to get to decent news online. I’ll try not to make this a pit thread.

I did ABC news for a while, but it got to stupid; so I switched to CNN. Can I make myself clear here…I DON’T GIVE A FREAKING SHIT ABOUT BRITTNEY SPEARS!!! I DON’T GIVE A FREAKING SHIT ABOUT NATALIE HOLLOWAY!!!


What would you suggest is a good on-line news source?

new york times.

I don’t know why anyone ever would go to a TV station for online news.

There’s not a thing on the front page of the Times about Natalie Holloway.

The times has the best opinion writers; they have a great set of blogs; they have very well-produced, and non-frivolous videos; podcasts.

The sports and entertainment is available, but tucked away.

McClatchy (who bought Knight-Ridder), have a pretty straightforward, if not a bit Washington-centric, site.

Have you tried the BBC?

One more possible suggestion: The Christian Science Monitor. is very good – it’s a one-page compilation of feeds and wires from everywhere.


Going directly to Reuters (Reuters) is much less painful then CNN/ABC/ect. I’ve gotten seriously pissed off at CNN. 1/3 of their stories are hosted on someone elses webpage, and require opening another window.

Another vote for The Christian Science Monitor, it’s very objective and in depth coverage.

I’ll second Reuters. I think they’re very good.