Better than LSD

Never took the stuff myself. Dad kept us away from all that junk. WW II vet, lied about his age to join the Navy. Fire control on a Destroyer Escort. Imagine a 17-year-old kid telling his ship where to point the cannons!


What could be better than LSD? Melatonin. Yeah, the stuff that’s in your body and makes freckles. Thing is, you need to be asleep for it to work.

I’m sick. This stubborn cold has been hanging around for a few days now so I took some melatonin to help me sleep. Must have taken too much because the first in my first dream, everyone’s faces were distorted. Pinched 'n stuff. So I woke up.

When I drifted off again, the next dream started okay but then went really weird. Now, I’ve had some weird dreams before. I’ve mentioned the one about a parody of Rocky Horror in which Brad & Janet crash a fursuit party.

This time, it was horny lizards. And I don’t mean they had horns. No, I was dreaming that my arms were absolutely covered in these lizards and their tails grew a couple inches. At least I hope that was their tails!

Next thing I know, I’m dreaming that my arms are covered in this warm goo. Neon. All the colors of the rainbow warm neon goo covering my arms!

That did it. Screw this, thought I, and, at about 8:00 yesterday morning, got out of bed for a few hours.

That does sound better than LSD. And I have taken the stuff!

Sounds like my fever dreams. So realistic and so abstract.

I had a fever dream one time that was about my BIL, sis and dad coming to visit. I realized in the dream that I was dreaming and needed for it to stop so that I could sleep.

My BIL is a fairly out-there-thinking kind of guy so, in the dream , I pulled him aside and explained to him that he wasn’t real and he needed to get my dad and sis out of my house and let me sleep. My dream BIL complied and I was able to rest after that.

So . . . do you now have some new freckles?

Early Hunter lyrics:

My name is August West
and I love my Pearly Baker best
more than [del]dropping acid tripping balls LSD [/del]my wine

Dreams, no matter how insightful, lucid, extremely surreal, or impactful are different from, not better than, LSD. Also, lumping LSD in with “that junk” profoundly miscategorizes junk.

According to my doctor, I don’t have a fever. Pretty much been steady at 99½.

You’re not supposed to take the OP that seriously. :slight_smile:

If the trip is too bad, you just need to wake up! :smiley:

The stuff in freckles is melanin, not melatonin.

You’re welcome.

Obviously, I need a better joke writer. :wink:

no wonder he was having dark thoughts. he took the wrong stuff.

I have troubles sleeping too. No drug works for me.
Not even the strongest benzodiazepines.
I tried Zolpidem and it gave me hallucinations.

Heh, nor the replies.

Hell, Benadryl gives me hallucinations.

I’m a cheap date.

I started on venlafaxine (aka Effexor) about 7 months ago. When I first started it my dreams were absolutely insane. They’re still pretty crazy but not like they were the first couple of weeks. I’m not sure but that might have something to do with me switching to taking it in the morning instead of before bed. Maybe I should switch back and see. They’re not generally nightmares, just really bizarre, vivid, memorable dreams.

I’ve also heard you can get the same effect from MSG. Like a teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water before bed. Never tried it.

P.S. If you’ve never done LSD, you’re not qualified to compare it to anything. :slight_smile:

Benadryl doesn’t cause me any issues. Melatonin is a fine sleep aid. Liquid ZzzQuil is a semi-regular thing for me with no issues at all. ZzzQuil in pill form? Fuck that! It causes SEVERE hallucinations for me when I wake up. There is nothing like walking slowly towards the giant sea turtle on your table, knowing you are going to have to touch it to prove to yourself it isn’t real but being absolutely convinced that it is going to bite your ass for being stupid enough to willingly touch a sea turtle that somehow made it into your kitchen.

Try better LSD …

Melatonin doesn’t do anything for me, not even help me sleep.

NyQuil makes me higher than a kite, to the point that I’m afraid to take it now. Last time I went temporarily color blind and honestly thought I was having an out of body experience.

The only thing that helps me sleep (and I’ve had prescription sleeping pills) is doxylamine succinate (generic Unisom). It doesn’t have any strange side effects with me, just lets me gently drift off to sleep.

I’m so grateful that my insomnia is mostly controlled by school and my fiance’s CPAP right now. I’m so exhausted I can barely stay awake and he doesn’t snore and stop breathing any more so I have nothing to disturb me. Better than drugs. :smiley:

I’ve never tried LSD.

Really? Even in large doses (like four BD equivalents)? That’s very unusual. Have you tried etizolam? Or phenibut? I bet the two of them together could knock you on your ass for 2 days straight.

Why did you feel the need to put this irrelevent militaristic dross in? Your killer dad must be a real hero.

More like a Great Santini, if you know what I mean.