Better video game: Skate 2 or Skate 3?

I’m getting my son one of these, but I’m torn which one. How do they compare? What features are better or missing in one versu the other? From what I’ve read, in Skate 2, you can just skate around. Can you do that in Skate 3 as well?

Is it correct that Skate 3 has multiplayer only online? I’ve read that, but it doesn’t seem believable somehow.

Anyone play either of these?

Does Skate 2 let you build your own park, or is that only Skate 3?

I guess my concerns are these, as I think I understand from what I’ve read:

Skate 3 doesn’t have non-online multiplayer (on a single PS3).
Skate 2 doesn’t let you make your own course.
It’s harder to skate and not fall in skate 2.
The “skating around while not racing” is better in Skate 2.
Career mode is stupid in Skate 3.

Answers to any of these would help.

My son who I want to buy this for isn’t a hard core gamer, and isn’t really into trying over and over to learn how to do something hard. Building a park and just skating around are more his style, and maybe he’ll work the career mode now and then and get better.

If he doesn’t like hard games and doesn’t like to try over and over to learn something he is not going to like the Skate series. It is not easy and is certainly not pick-up and play. Even basic trick runs take alot of practice to pull off.