Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Not necessarily. You never know witch way these things’ll go.

…She’s just a better horror-show wax-figure or Scarecrow.

…no matter where her balding-head was born.

Maybe there could some sort of temperature gauge in the statue’s breasts so we will know when it is as cold as, or colder than, a witch’s tits.

I am reminded of the charity that placed dogs from the animal shelter with loving Wiccans and residents of Salem.

You know, “Wags To Witches.”

Pix from the opening animation of Bewitched, presumably the pose they want for the statue:

“BURN THE WITCHIST! I did see Goody Eve being culturally insensitive and did hear her making wiccaphobic remarks of the lifestyle choice of Ann Coulter when she did fornicate with Satan in the form of Bob Guccione, Jr.!” (from the Annals of The Salem PC Counter-reformation)
I say as long as it’s not at the House of the Seven Gables or on the grave of Tituba then anyplace is a good place to park a statue of Elizabeth the Great. (Besides, she filmed several episodes there- I wonder if they use the improved street signs that Samantha made in those episodes.)

Or the site of the FCC Center for High-speed Internet and Pay Television Provider Deregulation Test Residence: the House of the Seven Cables.